Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weirdness & Dreamness

Hope all of you are well. I know it's been ages... again!

Currently I'm down in Albany doing my final prac and things have been busy making it difficult to pretty much do anything... and the last few weeks of uni were just bedlam!

Anyway, I really didn't want to talk about prac, rather I wanted to make a quick note about a dream I had... for memory.

It all started yesterday when I was eating a mango at a stranger's place I'm staying at in Albany (yes, another long story). And as I was eating this mango I had that deja-vu feeling: the oddity of eating a mango in Albany (as Albany isn't renowned for mangos - it's in the south, good for growing citrus and strawberries).

As I stopped and stared at my half-eaten mango I thought as though I had seen this in a dream - ages ago!?

Hmmmm, that's interesting, I shrugged as I continued devouring this juicy mango, but that I got thinking a little more with a tongue in cheek type attitude,

Why do I was always have a deja-vu feeling about places or events, but I never seem to have dreams about what my future wife looks like!

And what would you know?

Last night I had a dream about a woman. I have no idea whether this woman WAS my wife, but several things I remember about it were:

1. She had black hair.

This was weird. Women with black hair have never really grabbed my attention - it's generally been blondes and brunettes. So this was weird.

2. She had blue eyes.

Not really weird, but I guess it'd kinda clash with the black hair.

3. She was crying.

Yes, I know it's probably not that weird. Who haven't I made cry? But from memory this was tears of happiness rather than out of sadness!?

4. It was night time and in a Freo-like setting!?

Yeah, doesn't mean much to anyone reading this, so this is more for my posterity in case anything weird does become of it, but it was like we were near some old cement buildings like those in Freo where my father used to work.

5. We kissed.

Don't remember too many dreams of kissing women, so either this is a first, or there was something special about her.

6. Never seen her face before.

Maybe I have, and my subconscious just played a random image, but her face didn't have a name, and while it was attractive couldn't place it as being someone I knew.

Anyhoo, just some weird dreaming really considering the circumstances of yesterday with the mango. I don't think anything can become of it, but if it did it'd be... freaky!

Because what if I have another dream about something bad happening - EEEEP!


Jenn said...

Hmm interesting, well who knows maybe you'll find a raven haired, sapphired beauty in your future, or you won't and you just ate something weird.

Ryan said...

I tend to think that latter Jenn... last night I had a dream I won gold at the Olympic games running the 400m!?!?!?

I think I need my head checked out... or possibly cut down on the chocolate covered "almonds".


Jenn said...

Belated Merry Christmas

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