Saturday, September 13, 2008

Two Things

There were two things I valued with the whatever-it-was-ship that Shaye and I had, and they were dancing and dressing.

I'll start with dressing.

Okay, I'm colourblind. I've got it pretty bad.

See these little stupid dot things, I haven't got the foggiest idea what number or letter is in them!?

To me they're just a silly hodpodge of dots.

I could use my imagination and picture something, like I do with clouds, but nup - can't see any numbers.

(I'm curious to actually what is there BTW.)

So... when it's come to style and attire I've always been, well, let's say plain.

I've tried venturing out on my own, believe me, and the results have been a little embarrassing. One time I bought these tops that I thought were "nice", only to have friends and family ask why I was wearing that ridiculous pink!


"Yes, P-I-N-K. Are you turning on us?"

Thankfully I was able to take such clothing back for a refund!

But yes, clothes shopping isn't fun, and Shaye could tell I needed a makeover.

"You wear such baggy clothing too," she said as we walked into our first store, "you wear clothes much bigger than you think."

I tried on some of her first selections, that felt quite tight - a tightness I hadn't felt in awhile.

"WOW!" she stared, "that looks fantastic on you! You have such an amazing figure you need to emphasise it. Now what size jeans are you?"

"I'm 38."

"You're 38??"


"No, you're not 38, surely. 38's too big."

"Nah, I swear I'm 38, I got a big ass."

After requesting the opinion of a third party she grabbed the nearest salesperson who came over and sized me up.

"You're not a 38 mate," he said, "you're a 36."

Wow, I thought, I've lost a size from doing nothing!

And sure enough I squeezed into a pair of 36 jeans.


It was a good experience. I tried clothes I never would've tried, and was quite surprised at the results.

I'll definitely be getting a new wardrobe full of clothes this summer!

Then there was dancing.

Another thing I was completely foreign too, but not scared to try... and by the end of my first ever night I actually really enjoyed it.

I think every guy should learn how to dance, because I found there were two things that I learnt that night which most guys should know about women:
1. The importance of leading, and
2. The art of subtlety.

The first point is fairly obvious, and is something that most guys *should* know, although I will admit I've seen many fail to do. You're a man, she's a woman, women love men, therefore be a man. Simple.

However, the second thought I found a little interesting.

See, during a dance routine the woman needs to know what is coming next, and the way the guy does this is by signalling her in certain ways that let's her know what to expect. Some signals vary from brushing the arm, back or shoulder, others can be a little more obvious with the placement of the hand. All are meant to prepare the woman for what happens next. And I think this is what most guys struggle with when it comes to women: truly understanding the power of small simple stuff.

Most guys think that if they gun down a wild boar, or climb Mt Everest, women will flock to them, and while I think there is SOME truth to it, the subtle stuff is where the real power to getting a woman's attention.

Anyway, just stuff I found interesting and pondered out aloud, ideally I'd love to be able to do dancing again, I enjoyed myself and got a good workout.

Overall though these two experiences I'll take, value and thank Shaye for, so I'm glad that it wasn't a complete waste of time... I learnt heaps!


Likalia said...

45 and 6 (numbers in the circles)

I know so many guys who dress a size bigger then they need to, and it is great when they suddenly realize they don't have to. :)

Also dancing is fun and yes some men could learn a lot from it.

Ryan said...

Thanks Likalia, I don't know how you can see those numbers?!

BTW - there aren't any numbers or letters in the background of my page by any chance??

Likalia said...

lol I can't divulge that information. :)

Jenn said...

Ryan you are safe, and don't worry you aren't the only one who can't see those lovely numbers - working in ophthalmology I see plenty of these sorts of things - be thankful, that while your vision maybe limited in the color area you've still got it.

Glad you learned lots of positive things from your last relationship, I don't know if I could say the same - I learned how to tolerate flying, and how to plan a wedding and cancel everything.

Victoria said...

I think it's cool that you can't see the numbers because I can't imagine what it's like to not see them!

Ryan said...

Likalia: O_O! Well, so long as it's not rude! :P

Jenn: WHAAA...t! Wow girl, I have missed heaps, I'm going to scoot over and find out what I've missed.

V: I also have X-ray vision and that's pretty cool too. ;-)