Saturday, June 07, 2008

I Think I Missed My Calling

I think I've played the wrong sport since childhood.

And yet, when I reflect back on the small episodes I had playing the sport I should've played I'm beginning to realise that I should've paid closer attention to the achievements I made - the signs!

The sport I should've played should've been volleyball... not basketball growing up.

Now while I grant the fact that there weren't too many volleyball nets around back in my day and one couldn't just go down the park and find an available net to practice, I should've stuck it out and taken it up regardless.

In fact, when I reflect back to my younger years fresh in high school at the tender age of 13 years old I represented my school in an interschool carnival competition in volleyball. And we won that competition! We didn't lose a game!

I can't remember whether I had much to do with our team winning (I'll say that I did just as filler - lol), but that should've been a sign right then and there!

Why all this nonsense about volleyball all of a sudden??

(Yes I can all hear your thoughts from here.)

Today, prior to my basketball game Mark informed me that there was a national WOMEN'S volleyball competition going on at the recreation center and that it might be worth a look see before our game.

No sooner had he told me this information I was already travelling at a rate of knots on the freeway making my way there (I think I even got flashed by a speed camera - *sigh*).

And oh boy was I in heaven when I arrived.

Three words: long legs and short shorts (or was that five words?? I can't think straight).


I didn't even need to stretch or warm up prior to our game as my heart rate was well and truly ready before tip-off!!

Considering we also won and I top scored I'm beginning to think that maybe I might need to conduct some more research into this area.

Long legs and short shorts. Women jumping up and down, diving everywhere on the ground...

I haven't stopped biting my fist all afternoon. ;-p


d said...

lol Ryan! That's really funny ^^ I think I feel the same way toward soccer players! *happy sigh* Some Saturdays I watch the Spanish channel 'cause they cover all the games. >:3 Hehe.

P.S.: Looking over the past however long I haven't been around on here, I couldn't help but notice you have been taking INSANELY amazing pictures!!! O_O I mean... seriously! You could frame those things!

Likalia said...

Glad to see you have a real appreciation for the sport, and you aren't just there to oogle the girls, oh wait...nevermind. ;)

Jen said...

I see the little brain has taken complete control....*sigh*

It amazes me you can still type : )

Victoria said...

hee hee!

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