Monday, May 19, 2008


It's felt like ages again... posting in here, but I suppose much has happened that I just haven't had the time to detail or write about!

In the next couple of weeks I'll be out at prac so if you don't hear from me between now and the end of June then you'll know that prac has been quite hectic.

Apart from that I thought I'd share some photos I took over the weekend.

The great thing about Perth during the latter-end of autumn we get some very still calm nights, which makes the Swan river extremely glassy (this is rare as Perth is behind Chicago in being one of the most windiest cities in the world).

Anyway on Saturday night I took some photos at around midnight and last night decided to take some more, here are a couple of those photos...

I also took some black & white photos of Hillary's Boat Harbour on Saturday too, I always enjoy taking black and white photos as they remind me of the good ol' days when I did photography at school.

Okay, I need to scoot, I have an exam in 2 hours and I haven't even started studying yet! Eeeeep!!