Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pulling Power?

Last week you may remember the incident with Taryn.

During our short conversation I invited her to come along to church service an hour early where all the young adults mingle where we share times and experiences together as well as something from the Word.

Interestingly she came today.

"Somebody has pulling power?" said Dan's wife knowing what had transpired last week as she noticed Taryn arrive.

"Hey, I just asked," I said with an innocent tone.

Before Taryn made her way into the room someone mentioned that she had an older brother who passed away, leaving her the only one in the family. It probably wasn't the best topic for whoever started it as Taryn was only moments away!!

Thankfully, someone quickly changed the topic as she made her way in.

We were only able to speak for a few moments as today *I* was the one who had to quickly scoot after the service as I'm off to Bunbury today to see relatives and hear Chucky Missler speak.

Hope your weekend is going well.


Jen said...

Still no last name? Why is it that men have such a difficult time when sent out for fact finding missions?

Details man I need details! Now get back in there and dont come back until you have the intell...
: )

Ryan said...

*slaps forehead*

I actually forgot all about that!


Next week's mission... next week... I'll tattoo it on my arm "Taryn's Surname" - I don't think that will freak her out in anyway whatsoever.


Jen said...

Noooo that wont be at all scary to her..sure you do that. Get one of those sharpie markers that doesnt wash off...Now go write it down right now so you dont forget.

Nooo noo that wont look strange at all. Im sure a date is just one arm message away. lol

Ryan said...

Yeah, and I could start the conversation with something like...

"Pull my finger!"


Yes, I do seem to have pulling power! ;o) ROFL!

Jen said...

The pull my finger line always gets a second look from me everytime...Im sure Taryn wont be any different.

Sure and while shes pulling your finger she can take a few moments to read all the little notes youve jotted down about her on your hands and arms. Nights like that are so memorable.

Now if she doesnt make eye contact with you and seems a bit shy after all this...Dont be put off.. Women love it when you pursue them.

Why not try something really romantic like standing in the bushes outside her home to show her how much you care and are thinking of her????

I really think this could be it for you Ryan. Please let me know how it all turns out. You will probably be allowed one phone call. : )

Ryan said...


And people wonder why I'm still single... taking strange advice from Floridian men named Marvin who have a near perfect strike rate picking up men.


I dunno, maybe I should look for advice from elsewhere. LOL!

Jen said...

Beggers cant be choosey Ryan. Id say you take the very good advise offered to you on occasion by a Floridian girl named Jen...and stop worrying about what Marvin has to say.

Just for the record "Jen's" success at picking up men seems to be pretty bad. Since I dont currently have one.

But then you arent looking for advise on picking up Men are you? So its all good.