Friday, April 04, 2008

Likalia's Nick

Likalia, as you probably know being an Aussie we shorten pretty much everybody's name. And I've noticed that pretty much with everybody I've come in contact with their names are either already short enough, or I've given them the Aussie karate chop and shortened it for them.

Some examples of female names given the AKC (Aussie Karate Chop) have been:

Jennifer becomes Jenny, Jenni, Jen or Jenn.

Rebecca becomes Bek, Bec or Beck.

Rachel becomes Rach.

Carlie becomes Carls.

Jemima becomes Jem.

Victoria becomes Vicki, Vicky, Vic or V.

Miranda becomes Mandy.

Fiona becomes Fi, Fe-Fe, or FJ.

Melissa and Melanie become Mel.

Richelle and Michelle become Shell, or Shelley.

And the list goes on and on...

Except for when I hit your name, Likalia. I think any poor Aussie bloke is going to be stumped with that one!

L? Li? Lik? Liki? Lika? Likals? Kalia?!?!?

None of them seem to fit right. You're the only chic who's name remains intact!!

So now I'm curious what nicknames have you had in the past?

(Hmm, I wonder if indigo eve or maggie will be of better assistance?? lol)


Likalia said...

hehehe I feel so special, being unable to be Aussie Karate Chopped. :)

Since I am such a nice gal though I'll let you in on a secret. Likalia is a nick name, Aimée (pronounced Amy unless you are french) is my actual name.

I've been Likalia online for so long that I will respond to it, though few have ever called me it and none for a few years probably.

The only shortening of Likalia I've heard was Kali; for Aimée I've had A, Aim, Aims and Mee (really hate that one).

Now you know my secret identity, you can call me whatever you like, heck you can make up a whole new nick name is you'd like. :)

Ryan said...


So that's why Likalia couldn't be AKC'd... it's already a nickname!!

Thanks for sharing the details Likalia. Interesting nickname though... quite unique.

Do indigo eve and maggie keep the online "Likalia" identity on their blogs? I'd be thinking it'd be easy to maintain for yourself, but for those who know you physically and then write about you online, it'd probably be a little tougher, and cause quite the dilemma for them?!

Maybe they too have a different identity - maybe Indigo Eve's is really Fritha and Maggie's name is really Sharmonica! Or maybe all Canadians do it! You're all in on it!! Eeek!

Now just to make sure that it's only a name that's different: you are a 20-something Canadian woman, right?? lol

Just checking, 'cause before you know it, it's not just a name change, it's also a sex change, a location change, and soon I'll discover that you're the creepy old neighbour living next door who seems to always wear the same clothes everyday! Eeeep!

Likalia said...

lol - wow, I didn't realize how many questions that would prompt.

Well, Maggie and Indigo Eve have no problem maintaining my alter ego because well they themselves are using nicknames, it just gives a modicum of privacy so that people we do know in reality can't look us up as easily and we can complain about them online more easily. ;)

I don't think all Canadian's do this though a lot of people I know who have been online since forever (read BBS days) do have nicknames, I've had an online nickname since I was 12, I've been Likalia since I was 16 I think.

Yes I am still a 20-something woman living in Canada and EW about your neighbour. :S

Ryan said...

So the rabbit hole goes deeper, huh?

That's ok. I can understand "Maggie" changing her online identity being a teacher and all. My sister wont touch any blogs, MySpaces, Facebooks because of that very reason.

Just one last question: Have you ever used Likalia when meeting someone physically? Was it accidental and you continued to play along with it, or did you correct yourself and admit that it was just your nickname, or... did you do it deliberately?

Likalia said...

I have never actually met someone and introduced myself as Likalia. I don't hide my online presence I just don't broadcast it, I try to keep my online and offline lives seperate - even though they are the same really.

Plus as a woman it seems like a good idea not to have too much online that leads people directly to you I think. It is one thing to make friends online (like yourself) and tell them who you are offline, it is quite another for people to be able to find out on their own. :)

Ryan said...

I agree, I think women should definitely be under some cloak of anonymity... they're are a lot of weirdos out there, predominantly males!