Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Foot Fetish

I think Mark has a thing for feet.


Apparently last night my sister made mention of the fact that he wanted to see her feet... it was a case of show me yours and I'll show you mine.

Ah, dude... what is it with feet???

Now I'll admit that my sister was quite playful about the topic, and I'm glad my sister hadn't heard of the incident with Bree and his disproval of her toes, but from knowing a little about Mark it seems to be a recurring theme that's getting a little too freaky to be "cute".

I think I'd better count how many pairs of shoes my sister has and keep a close eye on them (it might take awhile though, she's got hundreds of 'em... at least keeping tabs on my shoes is easy: I can count them ALL on ONE hand!! lol).

Am I the only one who thinks that fascination with womens feet is kinda weird?? Do women feel just as uncomfortable if a bloke says such things in all sincerity (without humour)??


Jenn said...

I think it's a little creepy - especially if it's a request, not just an observation - like hey my second toe is longer than my big toe too..., let's just say I don't know if I would flash a guy my toes if he wanted to see them.

Likalia said...

I have nothing against feet, I think mine are quite nice plus they keep me walking. They even enjoy being massaged after a long day, but people looking at them with anything more than mild disinterest is strange.

I once had an inebriated friend of a friend randomly grab my foot during a get together while I wasn't looking and start sucking on my toes. He was lucky I didn't break his nose with the speed at which my foot reacted. I barely knew the guy and needless to say made sure I didn't see him again. Creepy!

Ryan said...

Jenn -> me either! ;-)

Likalia -> are you serious?? That is freaky!

Victoria said...

I've never understood the foot fetish thing. I mean, feet are fine, but... shrug.
Never having ran into anyone with this interest I don't know what I'd say if I was asked. : )

Ryan said...

V, I'd be able to somewhat understand if the person with the foot fetish didn't have any feet, but...!?!?

I think it's weird.

But would I be considered weird with my fascination in a woman's smile, or eyes, or hair??

Jenn said...

Socially I think that's a little more normal than a foot fetish, though I do have to say being a red head, I've found there is a little group of men who seem to have some kind of fetish about it - and I find it creepy - I'm not just my hair and considering it's the result of a monthly chemical maintenance.

Jen said...

I have nothing against feet as a part of the body..But to have some sort of attraction to them beyond how they look in a great pair of shoes...sort of creeps me out a bit.

But hey..guys are into body parts arent they??...legs...butt..breasts...eyes ears...the list goes on and on.

Now if you can find one guy who wants a whole girl instead of just parts...have him give me a call. lol

Ryan said...

Jenn -> I used to have a "thing" for red-heads when I was younger. Thankfully I grew up! lol

Jen -> Yes, guys are more into the physical aspects of women than women into men.

I think having preferences (likes) about certain body parts on women works as a filter for blokes. I know I personally wouldn't marry a woman JUST because she had beautiful eyes. You don't marry someone's eyes, as that'd just be pretty gross at the wedding ceremony seeing a set of eyes next to the groom! lol

Jen said...

Good to know that youd keep the whole girl...Id hate to think you are one of those guys that boxes up the parts you dont care for and puts them in the frig.

You are after all a guy on the "internet" anything is possible LOL

Ryan said...

You are after all a guy on the "internet" anything is possible LOL

You don't know that Jen... I could be a woman, or, maybe even some really advanced AI!!


Jen said...
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Jen said...

LOL...Ryan didnt you know Im really a Marvin?

see post 9/30/2006 : )

Ryan said...

Ok, now you're starting to scare me.

I never knew Floridans could be so scarey.



Jen said...

You have no idea...Im just trying to go easy on you. I dont want to trumatize you. Easing you into the truth in slowly.

Ryan said...

Yes, please go easy on me Jen.

I'm just a little innocent Aussie bloke on this big world-wide web we've woven.

Although, come to think of it now, I don't think anything from America surprises me anyone?