Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Family

Last night a friend phoned asking if I knew of a Christian organisation called "The Family". Initially I thought it was some Mafiaoso type group and began talking with a Marlon Brando type voice,

"Why aren't you part of the family?" I hoarsed, sending my throat dry.

We played around with it a little more, but when we settled he said that he couldn't find fault with any of the main areas of their doctrine.

They appeared to be okay.

As I didn't know anything about them I decided to do a quick check to see what they were all about. Upon perusing their website I went to their statement of faith and pretty much couldn't find fault with any of their points.

Until I got near towards the end under the heading labelled "Perspectives on Sexuality".

They talked about how God created sex (correct) and that it is a natural emotional and physical need (ok, somewhat agree) and that sex is to be between a man and a woman (agree). The topic then ended with this...

Thus, it is our belief that heterosexual relations, when practiced as God ordained, designed, and intended between consenting adults of legal age, is a pure and natural wonder of God's creation, and permissible according to Scripture.

Did anybody else pick up something that was kinda lacking... you know, a small little thing??

I mean, as from their statement of faith it appears that it's okay to have heterosexual sex *JUST* provided they are of legal age!

Aaaah, guys... what about God ordaining sex within the confines of, oh I dunno, a little thing called MARRIAGE???

Obviously not.

I soon discovered from reading other websites that this little organisation is aptly labelled the "sex cult"! (The Family has many different names and perhaps the most notorious is The Children Of God for those who might know)

Anyhoo, I contacted my friend again and when he asked about what I had found I quite simply said,

"Dude, if they come round again sign me up!"



(I don't want AIDS.)


Jen said...

They dont mention marriage because to do so would be politically incorrect and therefore possibly put off potential new memembers.

Maybe they just want to "make you a deal you cant refuse"

(if you were here right now you would have heard Brando...with a slight southern twang...it was quite impressive lol)

Ryan said...

Yeah they probably did want to make an offer too good to refuse, no doubt this cult was started by a bloke.

Interestingly my friend mentioned that one of the ladies said to him, "I believe God has something big planned for your life" and when my mate was alone with one of the blokes from The Family he said, "She never has said that to anybody you know."

Rrrrriiight, using religious marketing techniques 101 are we??

Hope I don't get a horses head in my bed tonight!