Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blue Steel

Conversation with hairdresser Kristy yesterday after when she had finished cutting my hair:

K: Would you mind if I use you?
ME: Wow, you're the first woman who's actually asked. Most just seem to take advantage of me without asking!
K: I just need to use you for a male hair competition.
ME: What hair are we talking about?
K: Ah, the one I just cut for you.
ME: Oh, okay.
K: It will only take a couple of seconds.
ME: Women say that all the time... and that's fine.
K: It's okay then?
ME: Yeah, no worries.

And with that a chic came over, grabbed one of Kristy's combs out of her top pocket and fanned my hair with it as well as my hair's straightness.

Judge: Length okay on top?
ME: Yeah, it's good.

I don't know if my "Blue Steel" or "Magnum" impressions worked while she was judging my hair, but I hope Kristy wins the competition. I thought she did quite a good job.


Victoria said...

that's awesome :)

Jen said...

Oh did the Magnum look on her? And you expected the poor woman to be strong enough to concentrait on judging your hair?

After all she is only a mortal woman Ryan. Have mercy and use your powers for good : )

Ryan said...


I'm careful on using my really really good looking superpowers on unsuspecting women... especially those with sharp instruments in their hand!

We wouldn't want them to faint!!


Jen said...

Good thinking Ryan! Wow, good looks and brains too. You are the total package aren't you?

: )

Ryan said...

Yeah, and you should see my knitting skillz.


PS - is it just me or are the verification words getting harder for even humans to detect!??!

I think I got an "aatuv", but it could also be an "adiw"?!

PPS - okay, apparently that wasn't the right word.

PPPS - ooop, and neither was that one.

PPPPS - hahaha. *ahem* Ok. This isn't fun anymore.

PPPPPS - Aw, COME ON! Are you serious??