Monday, April 28, 2008

The Assignments

Haven't really felt like writing much lately as I've had an awful load of assignments to complete over the last couple of weeks.

Not to mention things getting a little stressful for us Grad Dip Ed students with trying to find placements at schools for our prac - apparently only about a quarter of us have been placed!

I might have to suggest to our placement officer that if they can't find a place in the metro area that maybe they could try place me in a high school in a country town, like Albany, where I can stay with my uncle and do my prac there... my sister did a few years ago!

Just means I'll be away for 4-6 weeks as I don't think my uncle has internet, but I'll sure be enjoying myself, don't worry.

Aah Albany...


Victoria said...

Grad Dip Ed.

If I hadn't just woken up from a nap, I could think of a funny degree this stood for ;)

Ryan said...

The mind boggles...