Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Week Ahead

I write this particular blog post from the bachelor pad.

Not just any pad - Willo's bachelor pad.

That's right for the next few days I'm staying at the pad as my brother flew in from the other side of the country today and is staying with the folks (aka my room).

It'll be interesting to get a taste for what life could very well be like in the next few months if my parents end up going ahead with moving down south to Albany, or what life could've been like if I had taken up Willo's offer at the start of this year.

Willo has been his accommodating self and tomorrow I'll be treating him to my world famous pizza... I just need to work on the world and famous bit!

Anyway, straight after this short stay at the pad it's off to Coral Bay with Dan and the gang for the extra long weekend! While I can't wait to see Coral Bay again I'm not going to be looking forward to the 12 hour long drive up there!!

But if the underwater camera kit that I bought ends up working out it may be an awesome adventure with some spectacular pix!!

Took some shots on the weekend from Point Walter & Blackwall Reach which I'll hopefully upload tomorrow... along with info on how the weekend went with Mark and my sister.



Victoria said...

have fun!

Ryan said...

You too V!!

Jen said...

How was the is the batchelor life? How is Willo? Or better was the Pizza?..Im hungry.

Ryan said...

The bachelor life was good... would be better with a couple of women though! ;-)

Willo is well. I didn't kill him with my cooking, nor did he kill me with his.

Pizza wasn't the best I could've done better.

Jen said...

Women??? You dont really want a you?

Ryan said...

Oh no, believe me Jenn, one woman's enough.

Women, plural, was used to denote one woman for me, one woman for Willo. I couldn't bare the thought of having more than one!

I don't know how king Solomon coped with 700 of them!!! *faints*