Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Ok, need a little help here ladies if you wouldn't mind please.

I ran out of soap whilst showering tonight and although it would've been tempting to walk to my nearest shop half-nekkid (with just my shower cap on!!) just to buy a cake of soap I decided to have a quick look in the cabinet to see if I could possibly use anything... and lo and behold there was... a gift I received aeons ago!

Unfortunately it was still wrapped in this strange looking plastic box which took forever to try and open (sometimes the right tools just aren't around when your wet and... I think you get the picture!), but after much grunting and pulling I was able to get to the packages' contents.

Now the contents inside this clear plastic box were two small bottles that read: shower gel & shower cream.

Happy that I had the right goods (because they contained the word shower in them) I nipped back under the shower wondering what on earth I was meant to do with these two bottles.

And this is where I got mighty confused... why couldn't they just give me one big bottle, why two different ones that contained two completely different coloured liquids?? Was I supposed to wash with the gel and then wash off with the cream?! Or was I to mix the two together to form some superduper soap?? Or was I even meant to use them at all??

There weren't any instructions that helped and both lathered well, but I'm just a simple bloke why do we need a shower gel & cream please ladies???

Thank you.


Likalia said...

So the soap company can make more money by getting you to buy both the gel and the cream. :)

Jen said...

Shower gel always means soap..and in this case Id be willing to bet the cream was a soap as well. But on some rare occasions a cream could also be an after shower lotion.

Rule of thumb...if it has the word "shower" in the name...smells good and makes bubbles..go for it.

ps...girls get confused by that stuff too. YOU could have used shampoo in a pinch. If your a guy who bothers with that stuff...some dont.

Ryan said...

Likalia -> Ah. So it's a dirty little conspiracy huh?? How ironic! ;o) lol

Jen -> Huh? An after shower lotion?? So I apply the cream on after I've had a shower? Or after I've showered with the gel but still under the shower?

This stuff was obviously designed by a woman... it doesn't make any sense.

PS - yes I could've used shampoo, but I was running out of that stuff too!

PPS - ah, it was made by a woman it's from the Body Shop! lol

PPPS - I wonder who on earth gave this to me??

Jen said...

If its from the body shop its good stuff..What kind was it? Name?

But it seems as if you are over thinking all of this.

I stand by what I said before...If it smells pleasent...and it makes bubbles and foams like soap when you add water...then its ok to use as a body wash.

Ryan said...

The name of the stuff is...

Almond - the shower gel
Shea - the shower cream

I like the smell of Shea... or maybe I like it because that's how my surname's pronounced!