Saturday, March 01, 2008

One Week Down

This week was my first week back at uni. Yes, I survived... just!

Here were some of the highlights:

1. It didn't take me long to discover that the average age of the entire class was around 28-30. The youngest I've seen in our group was a 24 year old, and the oldest, who I've spoken to, is twice my age!! So it came as no surprise when on our first workshop this hot little blonde chic, Beck (yes I got her name due to some of the ice-breaking activities that were done), soon found out that she had the wrong room!

Drats. The hottest chic in our class ended up being in the wrong room.

Well, I suppose this means that it'll be easier for me to concentrate on studies throughout the year rather than concentrating on the opposite sex! Right?

2. Due to the broad age range amongst the group and the structure of studies as well as the way the content has been presented so far the group has been fairly cohesive. I guess all of us a little more mature than when we first popped out of school, and many of us have had life experiences through work, travel (etc) which has made us more open and friendly.

Definitely an interesting diverse group and I haven't had any problems talking to anyone yet.

A good bunch.

3. All may not be completely lost on the female front too: first there's a Christian group that regularly holds meetings throughout the week and I've been in contact with the admin who's provided me with all their meeting times... so I guess we'll wait and see on that next week, and secondly, the humanities building has quite a few hot budding teachers - I'm sure I'd bump into a few... surely!

4. Parking has been not as bad as what I thought it would be, but it still has been a nightmare.

On the first day most people parked on the oval, and when I returned back to my car late that afternoon I heard some strange crunching noise followed by a puff of dust. As I neared the place where all this activity was coming from I saw a chic hop out of her tiny hatchback car only to notice that she had reversed into the oval's light tower!

"Are you okay?" I asked, walking closer.

She looked up and I could see she was a little stressed.

"No, could you please help me," she said.

When I went over to offer my helping hand I noticed that her rear bumper was pretty much shot, yet I had no idea how on earth she managed to bog herself!? Both front wheels were halfway in the ground and almost up to the axle!!

It didn't quite make sense on how this happened, and I really didn't want to know how this chic defied physics, so I told her I'd help push her out.

"How about you drive and I push you?" she asked.

"Ah," I could tell that she was in a state of shock and wasn't thinking clearly, "no that's okay, I'm a little stronger so I'll push."

I quickly moved to the back of the car and as I did another bloke was walking to his car.

"Excuse me mate," I yelled, "would you mind quickly helping us push this lady's car."

He then came over and both of us with ease helped the chic get out of her bog.

Upon noticing her release from the magnetic light pole and the evil soft grassy sand which gripped her tyres she thanked us both profusely for our help. I finally gave a survey on the condition of the rear bumper, and after pulling it out to ensure the bumper wasn't rubbing against the rear tyres (possibly breaking it more??) she hurriedly sped away with a thousand thankyou's.

Oddly though on my way back home I noticed that for a certain period she was directly behind me... I started thinking that maybe I had a stalker on my hands!! Thankfully at the last set of lights where I needed to turn she didn't, but I suppose she had enough time to write down my rego plates though!


5. It was a sweltering week to start uni too. Wednesday and Thursday hit nearly 40 degrees (105F) and what made it worse was the fact that all the drinking machines selling water were sold out! So you had to line up at the cafeteria for about half an hour just to buy a drink of water!

Thankfully the beach on Thursday saved me, but for the first time this summer the water was actually quite warm.

"Okay, who peed?"


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