Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Marathon Dating?

Heard an excerpt on the radio about a new type of dating which I thought was quite interesting.

Quite simply it involves singles getting together and going for a group run. After the run everyone mingles.

The essence behind this bizarre form of dating (from what I could gather) was that singles could strip away the clubs and pubs as meeting avenues where, for men, they can see what a woman really looks like without ounces of make-up, and, for women, having a conversation with blokes that aren't drunk.

All in all while getting fit and/or staying that way!

An interesting idea!


Jen said...

Its not a bad idea...But dont think some girl wont show up in her cutest pair of running shorts and make up. LOL

If you think thats not still going to happen..your dreaming. lol

April said...

What will they come up with next?

Ryan said...

Jen -> Drats. So blokes get the short straw again!

April -> Well if Jen's comment is anything to go by maybe they could do a triathlon dating thing... surely make-up would come off in salty water??

Jen said...

Well if seeing a girl in a cute pair of shorts trying to look her best to impress you is the short straw...yeah I guess so.

Lets face it..girls wouldnt do half of the stuff they do if guys paid attention without it. Most dont.

Ryan said...

Hmm, seeing a petite girl in tight shorts, long legs, skimpy sports bra, pony tail, with a bit of make-up on... hmm, yeah I don't think any bloke would want to see that because of the make-up issue.


Hehe... thanks Jen.

Jen said...

Yeah..what normal guy in his right mind would want to be subjected to something like that...Oh the horror!