Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Left Behind

There was a new ride at Adventure World that I had never been on before that required a pair of people to go on... in fact it was compulsory to have two!

The first time our little group arrived there was one person too many to ride - an odd amount. So, being the gentleman of the group I elected to wait and to watch.

It was while I was standing at the base of the slides waiting, that a group of 3 chics came over to find out what this ride was all about.

ALLL-RIGHT! I cheered to myself, one of them is going to have to sit out.

I was getting more and more giddy as they moved closer through the line towards where the double tubes were placed (near to where I was standing on my lonesome)... until a Mongol child walked over, pointed at me, and then waved a "Come on, let's go" hand wave.


I couldn't believe it! Why couldn't he have asked me 5 minutes later??

"You have a partner, kiddo?" asked the staff member.

He turned around and pointed towards me. I couldn't NOT go as I would've felt even worse if I let a poor Mongol child alone, so I gingerly grabbed a double tube from off the rack and began walking with him up to the top of the slides.

"Okay," I said to my newfound friend, "do you want to sit at the front?"

I was hoping that with my sheer weight and size I could sit at the rear and drive this baby home quick enough so that I could have a chance at helping one of the chics who was going to be left behind have a ride.

"I take back," said the child.

"You want the back?" I asked, hoping that maybe he could sense that I wanted the back.

"Yes, I take back," he reaffirmed.

We then slowly made our way up the flight of steps, taking each one individually. I wanted to bound up the steps and throw our bodies down the slides, but the child could only process one at a time. As I was making my way up I saw the rest shoot out from the slides and look around for where I had gone... I tried waving, but they never saw me.

By the time we eventually got to the top two of the chics had caught up... leaving the third waiting below.


When it was finally time for us to go I almost catapulted the kid over the entire slide once I sat down! If I had jumped on it I probably would've!!

"Hold on captain," I said as we began pushing off.

The kid already began screaming for joy raising his arms up in adoration of what was about to come. When we entered the tube I too began screaming.


Thankfully the boy's screaming in my ear helped me know that he was still on-board... though deafening as it was.

When we eventually popped out at the bottom of the tube I think I should've waited for him to dismount first. I unfortunately stood up, leaving the poor kid with his legs in the air trying to get out.

"Oop, sorry champ," I said noticing the child's predicament, "here grab my hand."

Initially he tried his best to get out of the thing by rocking, but I insisted that it'd be okay, just grab my hand. When he did I pulled him up and he happily grabbed the double tube and asked if I wanted to go again.

"I'd love to dude," I said, "but I've got to catch up with my friends," who I pointed to and were waiting at the next set of slides - the speed slides - "Thanks anyway!"

And with that he turned around, saw the chic standing by herself and asked if she would like to go on a ride with him. She seemed to ignore the boy and laughed when she saw her friends spat out from the tube after us. The child tried asking again, but she moved closer to the railing and began clapping to her friends.

The boy realised he wasn't getting anywhere and moved on... so did I.


Likalia said...

That kid saved you wasting a lot of energy on that girl, which was very nice of him. :)

Ryan said...

Yes, he did, and I thought to myself that maybe I would bump into her/them at another ride, but never did!

(Although the power being cut short didn't help.)