Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kamikaze Blow-Fly

As I sit here "doing an assignment" (due next week) I can't help but be easily distracted by this big fat blow-fly who seems hell-bent on braking the glass window in his quest for freedom.


Look here he goes again... I swear he moves faster each time.


He rests for a little while, possibly clenching one of his six fists to the sky, but give it a little while and he'll have regained his energy and will try to fly harder and faster at the window.

In a way it reminds me a lot of myself. I knew many many years ago that if I could work smarter, work longer, research better, make oodles of money, that eventually everything would fall into place and I'd be "happy".

But at each renewed interest, at each corner, I kept hitting this glass wall.

I knew what I wanted - more money. I could see it. I could envision it. I could dream it... but it never came. In fact, oddly enough, whenever it did come it was never enough, I always wanted more?!

It was interesting recounting small significant parts of my life like this to an old friend from school at university on Monday for an hour. We both wanted to find out what happened since graduating back in 1994, and after I had given her a brief synopsis of what I had done and learnt during that time, she, conversely, had done well, very well since then.

I was extremely happy for her. She had done much travelling, using her God-given nursing talents to better serve mankind, and it was great to hear.

The hour flew by.

Kind of like this blow-fly heading straight back into the window!

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