Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If It Quacks Like A Setup...


My sister gave the idiot, who she dropkicked out of her life before, the flick again.

Hopefully this time for good.

(I don't think I could ever do bungee-type dating: on again, off again, on again, off again... if it's on it's on, if it's off it's never coming back on again. But maybe that's just me.)

Anyhoo, I'm happy that she's back to normal.

On Saturday night I decided to invite her out to Adventure World where Dan gave us free tickets like last year. Not only was Dan and his wife there, but also a handful of others, including Mark (who has had quite the crush on my sister for about a year or so... she's never noticed it as I've kept it top secret, and she's been dating that loser during the last year anyway - so it's been difficult!).

It was when we were inside the park that when we all went onto the slides that I purposely made sure that Mark and my my sister went together on the double tube rides. It seemed to have worked as they went on many double tube rides as the night progressed!

Unfortunately though the night had to be cut short as there was some weird power failure, but regardless of that my sister, on our drive back home, remarked that she hadn't had that much fun for a long time!


When I got back home my mobile had a text message from Mark who wanted to know how things went.

You did well dude. I replied, You made quite the impression. Well done.

So, tonight I've schemed and plotted a way for them to meet again. As Mark is an insurance broker I've told him to come over for dinner and provide some advice for my parent's insurance needs... making sure that my sister will also be here.

I know, I know, it looks like a setup, it smells like a setup, it even quacks like a setup, but if you don't tell anyone it's a setup then maybe nobody will even know. And having been someone who has been at the end of many setups in the past I know that I'd prefer if somebody was trying to set me up with somebody that they don't directly tell me - just organise a dinner, or a party, where you know we both will be there... and then just tactfully nudge us together.

Anyway, will be interesting to see how tonight goes. Stay tuned.


Jen said...

Is this the same Mark who has a problem with toes? Are you sure you want him dating your sister?

Ryan said...

Hmm, you're right Jen... what am I doing!!

Maybe she'll change him - isn't that what women do to blokes when they have them smitten??


Jen said...

Not if shes smart she doesnt. If shes a smart woman..she just picks a "man" who is perfect for her right as he stands. No rasing to be done...perfect... flaws and all. (not perfect to the entire world maybe...just perfect for her)

Wouldnt you rather meet a girl who falls in love with you just as you are for who you really are?

Where do you get these ideas of women? Im starting to feel sorry for you if this is the type of women you have had to select from.

Ryan said...

Ya, my sister's smart, well... sometimes (the last bf was a glitch in her system). If Mark doesn't step up she'd see through him and more than likely move on.

Hopefully Mark grows out of his superficial stupidity.

And yes I've met and dated some strange women in my time... know any normal ones?? ;o)