Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter

I hope you all have a happy Easter this year people!

I'm off to Coral Bay tomorrow morning (just a quick 12 hour drive), so you wont be hearing much from me over the extra long weekend.

I forgot to post a couple of my fav photos last weekend where I went to Blackwall Reach and Point Walter.

Blackwall Reach is infamous for kids jumping off into the deep parts of Swan River (some say it goes as deep as 100ft in places!!). As you can see this weekend was no exception with a group of teenagers making use of the warm weather and cliff's availability.

Anyway, I'm sure upon my return I'll have a HEAP of photos for you, so stay tuned and don't eat too many chocolates!

PS - if there's one thing I'm loving about the 40D camera it's the 6.5fps!!


Likalia said...

Happy Easter to you too. :)

You would NEVER get me jumping off that cliff, I don't do heights or jumping off of them.

How about I eat a bunch of chocolate and go take some pictures instead? Yes? Good.

Have a good long weekend.

single grrl said...

Nice! But that last .5 fps must make for a much smaller print. ;)

Jenn said...

Happy Easter.

I have to say that cliff jumping looks like fun though I would likely never have the nerve to actually do it. Instead for Easter I'm going to enjoy the wonders of my own vegan dinner while my family eats a turkey....

Enjoy your trip and your Easter goodies - have to say I do miss chocolate

Ryan said...

Likalia -> if you ever come down here, jumping off the cliff will be the first thing you'll be doing, k? ;o)

No, I'll take photos, you jump. And if it's any help just remember that if the fall doesn't kill you something from the deep will.

Ok, ready now??

SG -> Hahaha... I wonder if anybody would really be able to tell the difference if they just rounded it up?? lol

Jenn -> you can't eat chocolate?? Reminds me of the good ol' Easter holidays when my parents made us eat carob Easter eggs instead.

How about organic chocolate? Cocolo chocolate is divine.