Monday, March 31, 2008

Guys What Are You Doing??

Today at university when I used a computer to help print out one of the three assignments due today I noticed a small news clip headed,

"Tragic Incident Involving Curtin Student at Albany"

Hmm, I thought, I wonder what this is about?

So I quickly clicked the link to see if it maybe involved anyone that I knew and was surprised to see that it actually involved a group of exchange students who were walking near "The Gap" on the rocks and were swept into the water by a wave.

Apparently a male Norwegian and a male Canadian fell into the water as they tried to take better photographs over the cliff and the Norwegian was able to luckily swim back on to the rocks to safety, but nothing more was seen of the Canadian.

Unfortunately it's a shame to hear of such news, but it is such a dangerous area down there that you need to be sooo very careful when the swell is up.

I hope they find the Canadian alive, but as this happened during Easter I don't like the kid's chances.

(The above photo I took at The Gap in Albany a couple of years ago - and yes people have fallen in from here and some have lived, others haven't been as fortunate - but the conditions at that time I took this photo were relatively mild considering how bad it really can get down there... and when it's bad you don't want to be falling in!)


Jenn said...

Now I feel somewhat justified of my fears of those kinds of areas - you won't find me anywhere near the edge of any cliff, ledge, gap, cravats... I hope they find the Canadian too, but ya I see what you're saying about the chances.

Ryan said...

You only really ever hear of such incidents whenever the wind/waves are really bad... which of course makes things harder and puts other lives in jeopardy for search parties trying to find you!