Wednesday, March 05, 2008

From Mundane To Magical

It works with pretty much everything in life - we all have our moments, and today was no exception with the camera. As you know the weekend produced nothing.


Until this morning when the alarm went off and I was informed that the Queen Elizabeth 2 was sailing into Fremantle at 8:30 this morning.


So off I zipped with Canon 40D in toe, only to find that traveling into Freo was harder than I thought! It seemed EVERYBODY was making their way to watching the famous cruise ship come in.

Unfortunately I ended up getting there about 10-15 minutes too late. And what made it more frustrating was that I found a couple of awesome spots.

It wasn't going to happen again though. I was going to make sure that on its FINAL* departure from Australian shores I was going to be there. Lucky for me it was going to leave the same day at 6pm!

(* - the QE2 is being decommissioned in Dubai in November as a floating hotel. It's famous being the most travelled cruise ship in the world and for being the fastest. Freo was its last port in Australia before sailing to Singapore.)

When I arrived at 6pm the North Mole was packed. I quickly found a spot and waited... and waited... and waited.

The QE2 didn't leave until 7:30pm! But it was magically timed as it left during sunset.

Anyway, enough of me talking here are the photos (enjoy!)...

A very wonderful evening. Well worth the 1.5 hours I had to wait.

Farewell QE2.


Victoria said...

cool shots!

Likalia said...

Totally worth the wait. :) Great shots.

Ryan said...

Thanks ladies!