Saturday, March 01, 2008


How did Markus go with Bree last weekend?

He did quite well.

They organised to meet for lunch at a nice restaurant, she couldn't make it and called him that she couldn't make it, but could they reorganise to meet an hour later at another restaurant - the very one where she worked!

Mark wasn't too happy initially... as I guess anyone would be if you've made the effort to be on time at the venue only to find the other person isn't around and you don't get a phone call from them until 30 minutes later!!!

But, she made up for the inconvenience by giving him a free meal at her place of work.

It was during their conversation over lunch that they found out more about each other. Mark found out that she considers herself to be a non-practising Mormon - meaning she grew up in the Mormon church, but now that she's an adult has the freedom to choose to go to church or not and decides on the not part. When she asked Mark about his "religion" I very much liked what he told me his response was:

"Oh I'm not religious," he said.

She no doubt was a little perplexed by this, possibly thinking to herself, "I thought he said he went to church??"

He continued, "Religion, and, therefore, being religious, is DOING something good in the hope that it earns you enough points to get into heaven. There's no amount of good I could possibly ever do to earn my way into heaven. Thankfully I'm saved by GRACE through FAITH in Jesus Christ for what he did for me on the cross and that it is NOT of WORKS lest any man should boast."

Excellent rendition of Ephesians 2:8-9 dude. Very good and VERY true.

Anyhoo, they talked some more and continued their conversation at Hillary's over some coffee.

When the afternoon was over he drove her back home, thanked her for a wonderful time, and left.

"I felt good when I left," he said over a bowl of pasta when he was telling me about it all, "I left wanting more, but at the same time I felt content in that it wasn't rushed and was just casual. I'd definitely like to try a couple more outings like this, and if I feel there's chemistry there after getting to know her a little more I'd take it to the next level."

Good. There's nothing wrong with taking it a little cautiously and a little slow at the start, especially if you've never met the other person before. I know in my experiences it definitely helps screen out the freaks!!

Unfortunately though as the night neared the finish line, Mark's immaturity came through with a small gripe he had about her physical appearance, something which everybody who knows Mark, is accustomed to hearing.

Apparently... her toes are weird!?!

Yep, you heard it right, her toes... are... weird. Something about the toenail and the skin around the toenails or something!?!?!? (I was winding up and couldn't quite understand what he was on about.)

Being a little annoyed at this, as I have been with other occasions Mark has told me of women who have minor infirmities (apparently Taryn has too much hair on her forearms he told me last night!?! Huh???), I slapped him round a bit, and told him that he was a bit of a jerk for being so fickle and stupid. And that if he kept this attutude up he'd never find the right woman, because... (get ready folks)... there's no perfect woman out there!!!

Complete shock, huh?

And even though he says he knows this, I don't think he really believes it, especially with an attitude like that.

I'm hoping enough slapping will belt it out of him soon as I'm sure his future wife will thank me for it one day.

Anyway, I think he's seeing Bree again this weekend, so I'll be sure to keep you all posted on any developments. (I feel like I'm in a little private school circle... hehe...)


Jen said...

Is your friend for real? How old is this man?

Ryan said...

Would you believe me if I said he's 24??

Jen said...

Yes sadly I would.

Jenn said...

Found you via Victoria's blog and I'm glad I did - despite your friend's quirks what he had to say about religion was well put, I'll have to keep that in mind for future reference, I hope he doesn't mind.

Ryan said...

Hi Jenn!

Pleased to meet you.

I'm sure Mark wouldn't mind if you used it... I think he stole it from someone else anyway!