Monday, March 31, 2008

Guys What Are You Doing??

Today at university when I used a computer to help print out one of the three assignments due today I noticed a small news clip headed,

"Tragic Incident Involving Curtin Student at Albany"

Hmm, I thought, I wonder what this is about?

So I quickly clicked the link to see if it maybe involved anyone that I knew and was surprised to see that it actually involved a group of exchange students who were walking near "The Gap" on the rocks and were swept into the water by a wave.

Apparently a male Norwegian and a male Canadian fell into the water as they tried to take better photographs over the cliff and the Norwegian was able to luckily swim back on to the rocks to safety, but nothing more was seen of the Canadian.

Unfortunately it's a shame to hear of such news, but it is such a dangerous area down there that you need to be sooo very careful when the swell is up.

I hope they find the Canadian alive, but as this happened during Easter I don't like the kid's chances.

(The above photo I took at The Gap in Albany a couple of years ago - and yes people have fallen in from here and some have lived, others haven't been as fortunate - but the conditions at that time I took this photo were relatively mild considering how bad it really can get down there... and when it's bad you don't want to be falling in!)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Man, A Plan, A... Girl, South African?!

The plan had been set. Names had been changed to protect the innocent.

It seemed a perfect plan to some, but it was difficult to tell. There were variables within the well-formulated scheme that were a little too volatile, these were going to need to be carefully watched and monitored.

Someone suggested tranquilisers, another a big net, to reduce these "variables" being too volatile, but all knew that if they kept to the plan they wouldn't need to resort to these sinister tactics. Hopefully plan B wouldn't be needed... there wasn't one anyway!

"Revelations, where are you?" came the cry out.

"Revelations, is at the back, over," replied the slightly audible voice.

"Praising Him, I can't see you?" went out as the second test call.

"Praising Him here, over," echoed another faint voice with one hand raised in the air reaching heavenward.

"Wretched Sinner, come in?"

There was silence.

"O Wretched Sinner where art thou?" echoed the call again.

"Haven't seen Wretched Sinner in yet," whispered a new voice.

"Damn that Wretched Sinner," spat the caller.

A few strangers noticed the sudden slight outburst and stole a quick glance at the location of the noise.

"Deep breaths, Lazarus, don't give yourself a heart attack - he should be here any minute," prompted a faint calming voice.

Lazarus quieted himself and placed a question mark over Wretched Sinner's name on the list he had before him.

"Okay, and is Samson in position?"

"Yes, he's blocking the entrance, although he's a little distracted right now," whispered Praise Him.

"Can you get him to focus please Praise Him, pluck out his eyes if you have to!" sighed Lazarus.

"A Wretched Sinner has just arrived, over."

"Get him into position at the altar immediately," raced Lazarus.

"Copy that."

Quick scurrying movements impressed even the most experienced church mouse at how everyone quickly moved into place.

It was only seconds now and everyone waited for the call-sign.

It came...

"Angel has landed. I repeat An-gel - has - lan-ded," Lazarus audibly called bending down to tie his unlatched shoelace.

Nobody moved. Everybody had to remain calm, for the sake of the plan, and it's result.

"Angel has been greeted," echoed Samson at the front door, "Angel passing through."

This brought the Revelations to attention as he weaved and moved his way through the available chairs, sitting at one and placing many useless possessions at others.

"Sorry, seats are taken," he said as Angel moved by.

Lazarus, after raising himself up, noticed something wasn't quite right. It was Revelations, he wasn't in the right spot.

"Revelations!" Lazarus screamed, "you're in the wrong seat, over."

Revelations quickly scampered with his strewn possessions and hurled them over on to the next row.

The Angel had nearly landed, but Revelations was quick, "Sooo sorry, but these rows are taken as well."

Angel looked a little perplexed at how one man could take up two rows of seats, and Lazarus noticed the frustration in her face.

"Quickly Praise Him, move in."

Praise Him jumped up and over the seats and sped towards Revelations where he quickly sat down, turned and thanked Revelations for saving him "this" seat.

Angel, surprised at the lack of charity and kindness offered by the two men, moved another row down and occupied the next available seat.

"YES! Praise Him, awesome!" Lazarus was getting a little too excited, and his eruption once again saw those nearby staring at his recent outburst.

Noticing the attention he caused he quickly raised his hands and looked heavenward for a few seconds before closing his eyes and nodding his head. Unsuspecting people thought nothing of it.

"Okay, now where's The Beast?" Lazarus resumed after noticing eyes were no longer set on him.

Silence fell again.

"Haven't seen The Beast yet," replied Wretched Sinner from the front eyeing out across the congregation.

"Service is starting soon, people, we need The Beast to come out of hiding. Samson can you see what's holding it up?" Lazarus was feeling the tension build, there was only a small window of opportunity now... and it was closing fast.

"The Beast is moving in now," waved Samson from the front door frantically.

The congregation now stood and began singing the first hymn.

As The Beast quickly meandered in he made his way towards Revelations and was going to squeeze in, but Revelations refused, telling him that these seats were reserved for good people and not him.

Praise Him similarly refused.

The only place left was in front of Angel.

As soon as The Beast sat down, Lazarus jumped up and let out a whoping "Hallelujah!" - everything had fallen into place.

The last piece was now getting both The Beast & Angel to connect after the service, but thankfully no further prompting was needed. The Beast, after hearing the closing prayers' "Amen" turned immediately around and began talking to Angel before she could fly away.

"Perfect," said Lazarus as he waved at all to man the exits ensuring that the Angel never takes flight.

As The Beast & Angel talked for a little while, he noticed that Angel was quite timid and seemed to want to run, but reluctantly she stayed and they talked about a couple of things, one of which interested The Beast: they attend the same university!

Not wanting to hold Angel up, The Beast said his goodbye's and told her that he'd see her again either at uni or maybe next week at church.

With that she quickly vanished and disappeared into the light.


Yes, I was able to speak to Taryn today... FINALLY!

I practically nearly jumped on her after the service, making sure that she didn't leave. (In fact I think I even jumped on her as the pastor was saying amen! Making her amen sound more like an "ARGH-MAN!").

But yes, Mark had formulated a plan to have me sit right in front of her today so that there was NO EXCUSE for at least not say more than just hello... and he made sure I understood my mission as he ushered me to "MY" seat.

I had to laugh, which is why my warped sense of humour made me look at todays events in the abovementioned way.

But thanks Mark... it's a start, she's South African, and she's definitely a timid one.

I'll just keep eeking away.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Coral Bay Pix

Have just uploaded about 90 of my favourite photos from the Easter holiday long weekend at Coral Bay.

Here are a couple of my favourite ones, the rest you should be able to see from my Flickr account.

The photos that I were the most disappointed over were the shark ones. On our last day at Coral Bay we went on a kayaking tour where they took us to a notorious spot where reef sharks were prevalent. When we arrived at the spot and swam to the area it was an awesome sight seeing these creatures in their natural habitat swimming around.

And what was even more pleasant was that they didn't seem too perturbed by us (that could've been due to the fact that the main kayak instructor told us NOT to swim down and TO stay close to the coral reef!).

Initially when we arrived there were only three reef sharks. It seemed like they had just finished breakfast as they swam around with their mouths open wide whilst some smaller fish darted in and out cleaning their teeth.

By the time it was ready for us to leave there were about 6 reef sharks circling us underneath. And little did I realise that I began drifting out to them (away from the coral!). It wasn't until one particular shark got a little too close for MY comfort that I realised how far I had drifted and that everybody else had began making their way back to the kayaks!


I was alone with a white tipped reef shark showing off his many various sets of teeth.

I wish at that instance I took a photo, because the shark was pretty close, but being a little concerned about my own personal welfare I quickly walked on water back to the safety of the coral reef and kayak group!!

Anyway, I didn't upload this photo to Flickr as it's pretty useless, but here's the best of the bad bunch from the shark photos...

The Last Minute

Three assignments due Monday and I haven't even started one yet!

Looks like it's going to be a fun weekend.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

24 Hours Of Driving Done

Just a quick note letting you all know that I had a wonderful time during the Easter break.

I hope you all did too.

Apparently I've taken over 2,000-odd photos (I blame that on the 6.5fps and my slow right index finger) so once I sift through all those and upload them to Flickr I'll write some stuff about what happened.

I could sum up the entire weekend with:

Getting close to nature... ok, maybe too close!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter

I hope you all have a happy Easter this year people!

I'm off to Coral Bay tomorrow morning (just a quick 12 hour drive), so you wont be hearing much from me over the extra long weekend.

I forgot to post a couple of my fav photos last weekend where I went to Blackwall Reach and Point Walter.

Blackwall Reach is infamous for kids jumping off into the deep parts of Swan River (some say it goes as deep as 100ft in places!!). As you can see this weekend was no exception with a group of teenagers making use of the warm weather and cliff's availability.

Anyway, I'm sure upon my return I'll have a HEAP of photos for you, so stay tuned and don't eat too many chocolates!

PS - if there's one thing I'm loving about the 40D camera it's the 6.5fps!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mark's Moves

Last night the fam had dinner together as my brother was over from Queensland for a few days.

The night went well, until mum pulled me aside and whispered, "Did you know Mark was here until 1:30 in the morning on Sunday night?"


I know I wasn't there.

It wasn't until I was with my sister alone that I asked, "Mark was here on Sunday night was he?"

"Yeah, I asked him if he wanted to come over and shoot some hoops."


"Shoot. Some. Hoops... huh?" I said suspiciously.

"Well... we are playing mixed basketball soon, right?"

Oh yeah.

I forgot about that.

Mark cunningly found out that in the same competition we had registered to play this season there was also a mixed basketball comp too!

Last Saturday when he came over he had some forms in his hand and asked my sister if she knew of any friends that would be interested in playing mixed basketball.

It didn't take long for my sister to find two other chics to team up with!

But anyway... why wasn't I informed?? And why hadn't Mark said anything to me about it?

Could it be that these two could quite possibly, actually, maybe, be dating now??

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Week Ahead

I write this particular blog post from the bachelor pad.

Not just any pad - Willo's bachelor pad.

That's right for the next few days I'm staying at the pad as my brother flew in from the other side of the country today and is staying with the folks (aka my room).

It'll be interesting to get a taste for what life could very well be like in the next few months if my parents end up going ahead with moving down south to Albany, or what life could've been like if I had taken up Willo's offer at the start of this year.

Willo has been his accommodating self and tomorrow I'll be treating him to my world famous pizza... I just need to work on the world and famous bit!

Anyway, straight after this short stay at the pad it's off to Coral Bay with Dan and the gang for the extra long weekend! While I can't wait to see Coral Bay again I'm not going to be looking forward to the 12 hour long drive up there!!

But if the underwater camera kit that I bought ends up working out it may be an awesome adventure with some spectacular pix!!

Took some shots on the weekend from Point Walter & Blackwall Reach which I'll hopefully upload tomorrow... along with info on how the weekend went with Mark and my sister.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kamikaze Blow-Fly

As I sit here "doing an assignment" (due next week) I can't help but be easily distracted by this big fat blow-fly who seems hell-bent on braking the glass window in his quest for freedom.


Look here he goes again... I swear he moves faster each time.


He rests for a little while, possibly clenching one of his six fists to the sky, but give it a little while and he'll have regained his energy and will try to fly harder and faster at the window.

In a way it reminds me a lot of myself. I knew many many years ago that if I could work smarter, work longer, research better, make oodles of money, that eventually everything would fall into place and I'd be "happy".

But at each renewed interest, at each corner, I kept hitting this glass wall.

I knew what I wanted - more money. I could see it. I could envision it. I could dream it... but it never came. In fact, oddly enough, whenever it did come it was never enough, I always wanted more?!

It was interesting recounting small significant parts of my life like this to an old friend from school at university on Monday for an hour. We both wanted to find out what happened since graduating back in 1994, and after I had given her a brief synopsis of what I had done and learnt during that time, she, conversely, had done well, very well since then.

I was extremely happy for her. She had done much travelling, using her God-given nursing talents to better serve mankind, and it was great to hear.

The hour flew by.

Kind of like this blow-fly heading straight back into the window!

Beauty, Beholder, Eyes

"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful,
She is beautiful because you love her."

Saw this quote the other day and just wanted to make sure I wouldn't forget it.


(Even brings back some notable memories.)

Left Behind

There was a new ride at Adventure World that I had never been on before that required a pair of people to go on... in fact it was compulsory to have two!

The first time our little group arrived there was one person too many to ride - an odd amount. So, being the gentleman of the group I elected to wait and to watch.

It was while I was standing at the base of the slides waiting, that a group of 3 chics came over to find out what this ride was all about.

ALLL-RIGHT! I cheered to myself, one of them is going to have to sit out.

I was getting more and more giddy as they moved closer through the line towards where the double tubes were placed (near to where I was standing on my lonesome)... until a Mongol child walked over, pointed at me, and then waved a "Come on, let's go" hand wave.


I couldn't believe it! Why couldn't he have asked me 5 minutes later??

"You have a partner, kiddo?" asked the staff member.

He turned around and pointed towards me. I couldn't NOT go as I would've felt even worse if I let a poor Mongol child alone, so I gingerly grabbed a double tube from off the rack and began walking with him up to the top of the slides.

"Okay," I said to my newfound friend, "do you want to sit at the front?"

I was hoping that with my sheer weight and size I could sit at the rear and drive this baby home quick enough so that I could have a chance at helping one of the chics who was going to be left behind have a ride.

"I take back," said the child.

"You want the back?" I asked, hoping that maybe he could sense that I wanted the back.

"Yes, I take back," he reaffirmed.

We then slowly made our way up the flight of steps, taking each one individually. I wanted to bound up the steps and throw our bodies down the slides, but the child could only process one at a time. As I was making my way up I saw the rest shoot out from the slides and look around for where I had gone... I tried waving, but they never saw me.

By the time we eventually got to the top two of the chics had caught up... leaving the third waiting below.


When it was finally time for us to go I almost catapulted the kid over the entire slide once I sat down! If I had jumped on it I probably would've!!

"Hold on captain," I said as we began pushing off.

The kid already began screaming for joy raising his arms up in adoration of what was about to come. When we entered the tube I too began screaming.


Thankfully the boy's screaming in my ear helped me know that he was still on-board... though deafening as it was.

When we eventually popped out at the bottom of the tube I think I should've waited for him to dismount first. I unfortunately stood up, leaving the poor kid with his legs in the air trying to get out.

"Oop, sorry champ," I said noticing the child's predicament, "here grab my hand."

Initially he tried his best to get out of the thing by rocking, but I insisted that it'd be okay, just grab my hand. When he did I pulled him up and he happily grabbed the double tube and asked if I wanted to go again.

"I'd love to dude," I said, "but I've got to catch up with my friends," who I pointed to and were waiting at the next set of slides - the speed slides - "Thanks anyway!"

And with that he turned around, saw the chic standing by herself and asked if she would like to go on a ride with him. She seemed to ignore the boy and laughed when she saw her friends spat out from the tube after us. The child tried asking again, but she moved closer to the railing and began clapping to her friends.

The boy realised he wasn't getting anywhere and moved on... so did I.

If It Quacks Like A Setup...


My sister gave the idiot, who she dropkicked out of her life before, the flick again.

Hopefully this time for good.

(I don't think I could ever do bungee-type dating: on again, off again, on again, off again... if it's on it's on, if it's off it's never coming back on again. But maybe that's just me.)

Anyhoo, I'm happy that she's back to normal.

On Saturday night I decided to invite her out to Adventure World where Dan gave us free tickets like last year. Not only was Dan and his wife there, but also a handful of others, including Mark (who has had quite the crush on my sister for about a year or so... she's never noticed it as I've kept it top secret, and she's been dating that loser during the last year anyway - so it's been difficult!).

It was when we were inside the park that when we all went onto the slides that I purposely made sure that Mark and my my sister went together on the double tube rides. It seemed to have worked as they went on many double tube rides as the night progressed!

Unfortunately though the night had to be cut short as there was some weird power failure, but regardless of that my sister, on our drive back home, remarked that she hadn't had that much fun for a long time!


When I got back home my mobile had a text message from Mark who wanted to know how things went.

You did well dude. I replied, You made quite the impression. Well done.

So, tonight I've schemed and plotted a way for them to meet again. As Mark is an insurance broker I've told him to come over for dinner and provide some advice for my parent's insurance needs... making sure that my sister will also be here.

I know, I know, it looks like a setup, it smells like a setup, it even quacks like a setup, but if you don't tell anyone it's a setup then maybe nobody will even know. And having been someone who has been at the end of many setups in the past I know that I'd prefer if somebody was trying to set me up with somebody that they don't directly tell me - just organise a dinner, or a party, where you know we both will be there... and then just tactfully nudge us together.

Anyway, will be interesting to see how tonight goes. Stay tuned.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Electrically Charged

On Saturday I went to my grandfather's place to pick up my weekly mail.

I was surprised and delighted to see a big box that Dana had sent me and I hurriedly ripped off all the "Quarantine Inspected" stickers to see what she had sent me this time.

Interestingly, it was an array of Godiva chocolates (mmMmMmMmmm), a frisbee, and some cookies with date filling.

All very wonderful!!

(Thanks Dana!!!)

Unfortunately though, upon opening the chocolate packets, all of them had melted and while I sampled a couple they strangely didn't taste much like chocolate!? So I don't know what quarantine had done, but I hope they weren't responsible for super-heating the package!

But it was the thought that counted, and while I've had the chocolates in the fridge since I'm hoping they'll morph back into their respective shapes and taste.

After the excitement though my grandfather called me into the living room where he told me to sit down and pointed the very seat he wanted to me take.

Uh-oh, I thought, this isn't going to be one of "those" talks is it?

"Now lift your feet up," he said as he brought over this contraption that he placed at the base of the chair I was sitting at.

"What is...?"

I didn't know what to make out of it at first, but when I saw two outline prints of feet on the device I stupidly placed me feet on them as he then turned it on.



I was being zapped.



"It's so relaxing isn't it?"



"It sends pulses of electricity through your feet..."


"... and up through your legs..."


"... it's meant to help stimulate the rest of your body."


The only thing being stimulated was my nervous system, the sensation running up through my feet was making my feet contort and my calves almost pop out of their skin.

"Argh!" I winced.


It was difficult trying to pull my feet off as each pulse made my feet cramp up and stick to the thing.


"What are you complaining about? You should be relaxing," he said noticing that I wasn't having any fun.


"Oh, wait a minute, you've got the strength on 25, it should only be 8," and with that he turned the dial down and blood began returning to my feet.


Aah, that's a little more like it.


This went on for about 10 minutes, and being the bloke who was now getting acquainted with what the device was all about I decided to see how much pain I could take.

I cranked it back up to 25.


The veins in my feet popped out again, and my calf muscles were tensing.

Okay, this is doable, let's go to 30.


Arrrrrgh! The slight increase in intensity saw more veins popping out from my feet.



This was no longer therapy... it was torture!



ARRRRRRRRRRGH! The pulses sent ripping through my body now began to reach my upper legs. Even muscles I thought I never had began contracting and dilating.

I don't know why, but I ticked the meter up to 45.



I think my knee caps blew off!

It was as high as I could go, my legs couldn't take it anymore.

When the 30-minutes had finished my calves had felt as though I had been on a long walk up Mount Everest.

"So, do you feel relaxed?" my grandfather asked noticing that the screaming had finally stopped.

"Yeah, I'm sooooo relaxed I feel like I'm a paraplegic now!"

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

From Mundane To Magical

It works with pretty much everything in life - we all have our moments, and today was no exception with the camera. As you know the weekend produced nothing.


Until this morning when the alarm went off and I was informed that the Queen Elizabeth 2 was sailing into Fremantle at 8:30 this morning.


So off I zipped with Canon 40D in toe, only to find that traveling into Freo was harder than I thought! It seemed EVERYBODY was making their way to watching the famous cruise ship come in.

Unfortunately I ended up getting there about 10-15 minutes too late. And what made it more frustrating was that I found a couple of awesome spots.

It wasn't going to happen again though. I was going to make sure that on its FINAL* departure from Australian shores I was going to be there. Lucky for me it was going to leave the same day at 6pm!

(* - the QE2 is being decommissioned in Dubai in November as a floating hotel. It's famous being the most travelled cruise ship in the world and for being the fastest. Freo was its last port in Australia before sailing to Singapore.)

When I arrived at 6pm the North Mole was packed. I quickly found a spot and waited... and waited... and waited.

The QE2 didn't leave until 7:30pm! But it was magically timed as it left during sunset.

Anyway, enough of me talking here are the photos (enjoy!)...

A very wonderful evening. Well worth the 1.5 hours I had to wait.

Farewell QE2.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Ok, need a little help here ladies if you wouldn't mind please.

I ran out of soap whilst showering tonight and although it would've been tempting to walk to my nearest shop half-nekkid (with just my shower cap on!!) just to buy a cake of soap I decided to have a quick look in the cabinet to see if I could possibly use anything... and lo and behold there was... a gift I received aeons ago!

Unfortunately it was still wrapped in this strange looking plastic box which took forever to try and open (sometimes the right tools just aren't around when your wet and... I think you get the picture!), but after much grunting and pulling I was able to get to the packages' contents.

Now the contents inside this clear plastic box were two small bottles that read: shower gel & shower cream.

Happy that I had the right goods (because they contained the word shower in them) I nipped back under the shower wondering what on earth I was meant to do with these two bottles.

And this is where I got mighty confused... why couldn't they just give me one big bottle, why two different ones that contained two completely different coloured liquids?? Was I supposed to wash with the gel and then wash off with the cream?! Or was I to mix the two together to form some superduper soap?? Or was I even meant to use them at all??

There weren't any instructions that helped and both lathered well, but I'm just a simple bloke why do we need a shower gel & cream please ladies???

Thank you.

Marathon Dating?

Heard an excerpt on the radio about a new type of dating which I thought was quite interesting.

Quite simply it involves singles getting together and going for a group run. After the run everyone mingles.

The essence behind this bizarre form of dating (from what I could gather) was that singles could strip away the clubs and pubs as meeting avenues where, for men, they can see what a woman really looks like without ounces of make-up, and, for women, having a conversation with blokes that aren't drunk.

All in all while getting fit and/or staying that way!

An interesting idea!

A Lot Of Footprints

Went for a walk on Sunday with my 40D in hand hoping to catch something inspirational, but at the back of my mind I had that feeling that there wouldn't be much.

I mean it was just another perfect day in paradise really (lol)... 32 degrees (90F) outside, not a cloud in the sky, a slight wafting sea-breeze, people out on the Swan river in their boats, etc etc, blah blah blah... you know all the usual boring stuff that West Australians get up to on a day like this.

I even made my way to Wireless Hill park to catch the sunset hoping that maybe, just maybe there'd be something, but that too fizzled quickly.

Oh well.

So unfortunately I don't really have anything to show from this weekend it was just one of those days and I really don't have anything to show but 15kms of footprints.

Maybe my mind was a million miles elsewhere!?

I don't know.

(If anyone happens to find it though could you please let me know.)

Saturday, March 01, 2008


How did Markus go with Bree last weekend?

He did quite well.

They organised to meet for lunch at a nice restaurant, she couldn't make it and called him that she couldn't make it, but could they reorganise to meet an hour later at another restaurant - the very one where she worked!

Mark wasn't too happy initially... as I guess anyone would be if you've made the effort to be on time at the venue only to find the other person isn't around and you don't get a phone call from them until 30 minutes later!!!

But, she made up for the inconvenience by giving him a free meal at her place of work.

It was during their conversation over lunch that they found out more about each other. Mark found out that she considers herself to be a non-practising Mormon - meaning she grew up in the Mormon church, but now that she's an adult has the freedom to choose to go to church or not and decides on the not part. When she asked Mark about his "religion" I very much liked what he told me his response was:

"Oh I'm not religious," he said.

She no doubt was a little perplexed by this, possibly thinking to herself, "I thought he said he went to church??"

He continued, "Religion, and, therefore, being religious, is DOING something good in the hope that it earns you enough points to get into heaven. There's no amount of good I could possibly ever do to earn my way into heaven. Thankfully I'm saved by GRACE through FAITH in Jesus Christ for what he did for me on the cross and that it is NOT of WORKS lest any man should boast."

Excellent rendition of Ephesians 2:8-9 dude. Very good and VERY true.

Anyhoo, they talked some more and continued their conversation at Hillary's over some coffee.

When the afternoon was over he drove her back home, thanked her for a wonderful time, and left.

"I felt good when I left," he said over a bowl of pasta when he was telling me about it all, "I left wanting more, but at the same time I felt content in that it wasn't rushed and was just casual. I'd definitely like to try a couple more outings like this, and if I feel there's chemistry there after getting to know her a little more I'd take it to the next level."

Good. There's nothing wrong with taking it a little cautiously and a little slow at the start, especially if you've never met the other person before. I know in my experiences it definitely helps screen out the freaks!!

Unfortunately though as the night neared the finish line, Mark's immaturity came through with a small gripe he had about her physical appearance, something which everybody who knows Mark, is accustomed to hearing.

Apparently... her toes are weird!?!

Yep, you heard it right, her toes... are... weird. Something about the toenail and the skin around the toenails or something!?!?!? (I was winding up and couldn't quite understand what he was on about.)

Being a little annoyed at this, as I have been with other occasions Mark has told me of women who have minor infirmities (apparently Taryn has too much hair on her forearms he told me last night!?! Huh???), I slapped him round a bit, and told him that he was a bit of a jerk for being so fickle and stupid. And that if he kept this attutude up he'd never find the right woman, because... (get ready folks)... there's no perfect woman out there!!!

Complete shock, huh?

And even though he says he knows this, I don't think he really believes it, especially with an attitude like that.

I'm hoping enough slapping will belt it out of him soon as I'm sure his future wife will thank me for it one day.

Anyway, I think he's seeing Bree again this weekend, so I'll be sure to keep you all posted on any developments. (I feel like I'm in a little private school circle... hehe...)

Mol-e Mol-e Moooleee

After uni on Tuesday I went to the North Mole to take some more photos of what I thought was going to be quite a picturesque sunset with the cloud cover.

Here's some of the more notable photos on that evening:

It'll be interesting to see how many photo opportunities present themselves in the autumn months as wind no longer plays a factor and water shots are generally more glassy. Hopefully I can continue to improve and capture some awesome shots over the next few months... between studies, of course.

A Walk In The (Kings) Park

On Sunday last weekend I went for a walkies through Kings Park.

Kings Park is notorious in Perth for many awesome shots OF Perth, as you can see with this photo...

But it's also notorious for its park lands...

... and it's flora...

(a flower in lingerie??)

But perhaps the biggest test of the 40D was seeing how good the 1/8000th shutter speed was and I was able to test that on some bees on a eucalyptus tree (note the bees' wings)...

(1/8000 shutter speed)

(1/2000 shutter speed - see the difference?)

If there's one thing I'm loving about the 40D after taking a hike through Kings Park last weekend it would have to be the 1/8000 shutter speed and the 6.5fps when shooting wildlife!

Between the bees and the butterfly photos above the butterfly photo was the hardest to catch as the butterfly was quite random when it opened it wings, but thankfully with the 40D's 6.5fps I was able to let rip and catch one decent shot. I'd hate to think of how difficult it would've been with anything less.

One Week Down

This week was my first week back at uni. Yes, I survived... just!

Here were some of the highlights:

1. It didn't take me long to discover that the average age of the entire class was around 28-30. The youngest I've seen in our group was a 24 year old, and the oldest, who I've spoken to, is twice my age!! So it came as no surprise when on our first workshop this hot little blonde chic, Beck (yes I got her name due to some of the ice-breaking activities that were done), soon found out that she had the wrong room!

Drats. The hottest chic in our class ended up being in the wrong room.

Well, I suppose this means that it'll be easier for me to concentrate on studies throughout the year rather than concentrating on the opposite sex! Right?

2. Due to the broad age range amongst the group and the structure of studies as well as the way the content has been presented so far the group has been fairly cohesive. I guess all of us a little more mature than when we first popped out of school, and many of us have had life experiences through work, travel (etc) which has made us more open and friendly.

Definitely an interesting diverse group and I haven't had any problems talking to anyone yet.

A good bunch.

3. All may not be completely lost on the female front too: first there's a Christian group that regularly holds meetings throughout the week and I've been in contact with the admin who's provided me with all their meeting times... so I guess we'll wait and see on that next week, and secondly, the humanities building has quite a few hot budding teachers - I'm sure I'd bump into a few... surely!

4. Parking has been not as bad as what I thought it would be, but it still has been a nightmare.

On the first day most people parked on the oval, and when I returned back to my car late that afternoon I heard some strange crunching noise followed by a puff of dust. As I neared the place where all this activity was coming from I saw a chic hop out of her tiny hatchback car only to notice that she had reversed into the oval's light tower!

"Are you okay?" I asked, walking closer.

She looked up and I could see she was a little stressed.

"No, could you please help me," she said.

When I went over to offer my helping hand I noticed that her rear bumper was pretty much shot, yet I had no idea how on earth she managed to bog herself!? Both front wheels were halfway in the ground and almost up to the axle!!

It didn't quite make sense on how this happened, and I really didn't want to know how this chic defied physics, so I told her I'd help push her out.

"How about you drive and I push you?" she asked.

"Ah," I could tell that she was in a state of shock and wasn't thinking clearly, "no that's okay, I'm a little stronger so I'll push."

I quickly moved to the back of the car and as I did another bloke was walking to his car.

"Excuse me mate," I yelled, "would you mind quickly helping us push this lady's car."

He then came over and both of us with ease helped the chic get out of her bog.

Upon noticing her release from the magnetic light pole and the evil soft grassy sand which gripped her tyres she thanked us both profusely for our help. I finally gave a survey on the condition of the rear bumper, and after pulling it out to ensure the bumper wasn't rubbing against the rear tyres (possibly breaking it more??) she hurriedly sped away with a thousand thankyou's.

Oddly though on my way back home I noticed that for a certain period she was directly behind me... I started thinking that maybe I had a stalker on my hands!! Thankfully at the last set of lights where I needed to turn she didn't, but I suppose she had enough time to write down my rego plates though!


5. It was a sweltering week to start uni too. Wednesday and Thursday hit nearly 40 degrees (105F) and what made it worse was the fact that all the drinking machines selling water were sold out! So you had to line up at the cafeteria for about half an hour just to buy a drink of water!

Thankfully the beach on Thursday saved me, but for the first time this summer the water was actually quite warm.

"Okay, who peed?"