Sunday, February 03, 2008


Friday 25th January... a week or so ago Dan asked if I would be interested in going with him to Jon Bon Jovi's concert. I was a little hesitant as I'd never really been a big Bon Jovi fan. But when he said that they were "pretty good seats" and that I'd need not pay how could I resist??

So it was on Friday that we went and I must admit it was awesome! The seats we had were fairly close. The only really annoyances were security constantly telling everyone else to keep off the yellow carpet clearway (as many people from the back decided that they'd go to the toilet very slowly and often stood in the clearway and watched JBJ for an hour or two!), and a drunk woman who came so close I thought I was wearing her - thankfully her boyfriend pulled her away after when security told them to move back to their crappy seats!

But yeah it was a good clear night, and it was fun being on Subi oval.

Saturday 26th January (Australia Day)... went to Secret Harbour for more surf. We unfortunately got there a little late and it wasn't fun at all. I was kinda glad though as my arms and ribs were still killing me.

Later that night we celebrated Dan's 25th birthday while contemplating whether to go in to the city to watch the fireworks... we didn't watch the fireworks. Laziness won out (there were more men than women at the party).

Sunday 27th January... did I ever mention that I went to the beach? Okay, so I went to church, but *then* I went to the beach!!

Apparently there's a chic at church which the guys are trying to set us up with. I haven't had a chance to meet her yet, as she seems to scoot straight after the service, but maybe if I can catch her I'll let you know more.

Monday 28th January... public holiday (because of Australia Day being on the weekend!) - went to the Dunny (aka Aussie for Dunsborough) with Dan and the crew. While the drive down was great the stop at Yallingup was crazy!

I laugh now, but I had to admit at the time it was freaky!

See, when we arrived into town we decided to go for a swim first before the wind swung around and made the beaches all miserable. We thought that if we went to Yallingup we might even be able to have a little bit of a surf.

It was when we looked at the swell at Yallingup's popular reef break that my mouth dropped - it was friggin huge! "Hopefully the beach break will be smaller," I said.

When we arrived at the beach break we parked our beach gear down and noticed a NO SWIMMING sign. I looked out at the beach break and thought that it didn't seem that bad, there was even a group of chics wading out in the bay, so it couldn't be that bad!

It wasn't until I went out that I *finally* began to appreciate WHY there was a no swimming sign - to the average person it was TREACHOROUS. The waves were thick, big, and mean, and the strong undercurrent left you legless as the backwash swept you out into the bay... where the chics were!

Now I understood why they were there!

As I tried avoiding each wave by diving underneath I found that each time I was going further and further out!! I looked back at the crew and waved my hand in such a way for them NOT TO FOLLOW ME. I continued wading, diving, and avoiding the rips as best I could for another 10 minutes, and found that it was going to take a miracle just to get me back in shore!

I had to wait for a small set.

Luckily I didn't wait to long, and eventually a smaller set came through, and the chics that were stuck in the bay saw my lead and began to follow.

Upon getting back in shore I met up with the guys who took my warning and stayed on shore.

"Dude, how far did you go out??"

"Whatever you do don't go out there, it's pretty bad."

Although I knew I wasn't in much shape to go out in the first place I knew Mel and Melissa would struggle if they were caught. So all they did was play in the strong waves' whitewash, which ended up being quite fun (apparently??).

The rest of the day was spent in recovery as a couple of the guys ended up being swept out too!

Friday 1st February... in the evening after workies I went to Melissa's 25th birthday and it was a little interesting. In a quiet moment that we had together after I had wished her a happy birthday she began to get a little tearful.

"What's wrong?" I asked, uncertain on why she'd be crying on her birthday.

In essence she replied that turning 25 was strangely different than the previous 4 birthdays as 25 felt as though she was no longer young.

I found it interesting that it confirmed a view I've had about 25 seems to change a woman... some more than others.


Saturday 2nd February... would you be surprised if I told you I went to the beach? No. Okay, good, because I went to Secret Harbour with the boys again. By now my ribs were feeling better and we had got there before the breeze picked up.

That night I had Aaron's 30th birthday party... it was a dress up party where the theme was "The Ocean". I dressed up as a lifeguard, and I was going to write "CPR TESTING DEVICE" on my yellow t-shirt but didn't have any markers! I unfortunately lathered a little too much zinc on my nose and lips that everything I drank and tasted like zinc! ;op

I have to give credit to Aaron and Em for doing their place up like an ocean too... they creatively hung streamers down from the ceiling and then used louvered fans to blow through to give the streams life.

Sunday 3rd February... oddly enough no beach today!? Church had a big pot luck lunch and I was hoping to eat alongside the new girl, but again she slipped out quietly without anybody noticing.

(I'm going to bar the doors next week!)

But yes, after gorging myself with food during lunch I decided not to go to the beach today... I would've no doubt looked like a beach whale on the shore!

I wonder what this week will bring?? Beach, anyone?


Victoria said...

Wow, what an exciting weekend!!!

(And yes, I wasn't happy on my 25th birthday either)

Jen said...

SO Ryan just curious...have you been to the beach at all this year? : D

Yellow tshirt? Why am I not suprised lol. You and your need for yellow things.

I am also glad to hear you didnt get swept out to sea and drown that would have put a serious crimp in my reading options. So thanks for that.

I cant wait to hear about "church girl" next sunday. You know if you try and lock them up right away sometimes that makes them a bit nervous. Just a thought : )

Jen said...

ps..You did mean February and not January at the end of this post right?

Ryan said...

Victoria -> its endemic in your kind ;o)

I wonder what age blokes begin to worry? Obviously we don't have a body clock to contend with, so maybe we couldn't care less!?!

Jen -> Funny you should mention the yellow as I was trying to find yellow zinc too, but never found any!!

(And thanks for the typo errors, I've edited it now.)