Monday, February 18, 2008

That Time Of Month

It's no known secret amongst men that there are certain consecutive days during the month where women can be somewhat more... umm... "animated" than at other times.

Blokes know that if its a heavy cycle the best form of action is to play dead.

Now we also known that woman use this time as an excuse to let rip. Now we aren't stupid enough to call your bluff, just in case we're wrong... so we'll play safe... and just play dead.

Okay, what I want to know is: Do women ever put up with it?

Ladies, if your female friend starts flying off the handle because of her period do you put up with it, as guys do? Or are their certain female tricks that you employ - maybe have a handy bar of chocolate in your bag??

I guess if you've been friends long enough with someone you kinda just "know". Maybe you all have calendars plotting your friends' cycles!

"Okay, well it's best to avoid Jessica over the next few days... and I'd better see Hayley before the weekend..."

ROFL! Yeah, see I know the tricks.



Jen said...

Im surprised your not beaten up by women on a daily basis. lol

First women dont like it any better than men do. Bitchy is bitchy. we react to it depends on the personality of your friend in question.

After all dont you even have male friends who are a bit more moody than others?

And dont you have to handle those friends a bit differently when they get in one of their moods. Like maybe give them a bit of extra space on occasion. Or be a bit more patient?

Ryan said...

Jen -> Yes, men can be moody too, that's why we use calendars...

"Okay, this week we'll have to avoid Arnie, as it's that time of month for him and he always gets bitchy... and, next week we'll have to avoid Bruce, because he always gets so sentimental and sensitive at the end of the month..."

I'm surprised women don't use calendars too!?


Jen said...

You seem to have this all scientifically figured out..Its just so simple..why I wonder has no one thought of this before?

You just supply each man who understands how to use one..a calendar...and all his problems will be solved!

Its pure genius I tell you. Where is that Nobel Prize?

Ryan said...

Well I don't know whether I can take full credit Jen... I didn't invent the calendar, just utilised it in such a manner so as to avoid conflict... but then it's not like I'm going to refuse being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!

I'll be humble.