Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thanks For The Walk Likalia!


*lower jaw on the floor*

I've just had the opportunity of viewing Likalia's fabulous walkies where she kept up her end of the deal by taking some awesome photos of some very picturesque places near where she lives last weekend.

Thanks Likalia!

You took some great photos, and I loved all of them!!

Thank you.

(And BTW I think your walk was waaaaaay better than mine, you have a good eye... even if they both don't work properly! lol.)

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Likalia said...

Thanks hun, except for the eye comment (they do too work properly - they just require the help of some corrective lenses).

Glad you liked your walk, was fun and great to get out into the sunshine, especially since we are back to rain again now. Ahh, the West Coast. :)