Thursday, February 21, 2008

She's Chasing You

Remember Bree?

Well, there was a little something that I didn't mention that happened that night.

See, when Bree came over to give us our bill for the night, she also put a customer survey card on top of the bill. Mark quickly grabbed the survey knowing that by doing so he was likely to get some freebies from Hoggies provided you put your name and address on the card.

As I was too busy staring at Bree I didn't really know what was going on until Mark asked, "What should I put down the bottom here under 'additional comments'?"

"How about Bree is a Bree-ath [sic] of fresh air," said Chris.

"Nice," I affirmed.

And so Mark wrote that down... along with his phone number and the words "Call me" written down!?!


When Bree came over to collect the bill Mark pointed out his comments on the card.

I don't get it, I thought, all night you've been talking about another Hoggies waitress chic and you're trying to pick up Bree??

"Be sure to erase the number when you're done," he said, hoping that when the card is handed in to management he doesn't get a phone call from Lelu the bosses single daughter of 15,827 years!

I could she was more than startled than I was, and thanked us all the same as we left.

Sure enough the next day Mark received a text message from Bree where she apparently said something to the effect of "Haha thanks for the comments, do you always try and pick up waitresses?"

To which Mark jokingly told us "No, I don't. You're the first." when we caught up later that same day.

"I just want the phone number of her friend at Hoggies," he said continually laughing at the thought to all of us.

You're an idiot.

Now from what I understand Mark asked in his initial response back to Bree what times she was available, to which she then responded "I'd have to check my work schedule".

That was the last I heard about the ordeal until yesterday when as I was taking photos I received a text message from Mark which read:

Give me your advice. Bree said she'd call me when she knew her work times, but I can pretty much only see her tonight. Should I message her, or wait?

Well I was flattered that he was asking for my advice, but I couldn't help but feel that maybe she was reading him like a book and had possibly noticed that he was some sort of a player and didn't want to tell him her work times.

But, being the nice idiot that I am, I gave him my advice and I said to him that if I were in your shoes I'd respond, but it'd be something like... "Just thought I'd let you know that I'm going to be at X cafe having a coffee at around 7pm if you wanted to keep me entertained". It was asking, without asking, and more importantly it was just casual.

Anyway, he did as instructed and a couple of hours later he replied saying that she couldn't make it as she was working tonight, but she wanted to catch up on Sunday and Mark said that he told her okay.

Good job Mark.

I personally would've been a little more playful with my response back, maybe saying something like, "Well I'm going to need to check with Superman & Spiderman first as I'm covering for them this weekend while they go on holidays, and we all know that evil never takes a break"... or something stupid and silly like that. (Hey, it's different, it's unique, and I'm sure it'll provide an easier way to start a conversation when you meet - rather than the normal boring banter!)

But then moments later Mark asked if I wanted to go to Hoggies for dinner tonight?

Ahh... why?? Did you want to check on her story or something? See if she really was working tonight? Or are you wanting to give her the "I'm needy" cling-on type treatment that will see her run for cover??

No thanks dude.

I think my appetite for meat has dissipated since last weekend... and I'm enjoying this sunset whilst talking to another fellow Canon photographer chic anyway (shame she smokes like a chimney).



Likalia said...

I just noticed how many entries you've posted this month, you have gone posting crazy - which is awesome. :)

Ok yeah why is he trying to date Bree if he was talking about her co-worker all night? Is he just looking for an in?

Ryan said...

Likalia -> I know, crazy huh?

I don't know whether it's a combination of the boss being away on holidays for the last couple of weeks, my work schedule diminishing (due to uni starting next week!), or the 40D!! Either way, I'm going ballistic in here!! ;o)

And yeah I think he's looking for an "in" to get to Bree's co-worker. It'd be a shame if he stuffed it all up as that would mean less nights out at Hoggies and therefore less time staring into Bree's eyes (I hope I can take a photo to show everyone).