Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Seedless Watermelon

How on earth do they produce seedless watermelons??

Do they have a seed for it? Or do they have little elves that pick the seeds out and stitch it back up??

Isn't that kinda weird... a seed that will extinct itself.

Is that why they taste great though?

Like the last cookie, or the last slice of cake, we know that there's never going to be another... just like the seedless watermelon - he ain't gunna have baby watermelons, is that why he tastes so good?

Maybe the bitter aftertaste is knowing that I'll never be able to have a repeat performance again...

Or at least until tomorrow.


Likalia said...


Poor little watermelons.

Ryan said...

At least they have the privilege of being inside me Likalia!


Jen said...

Nothing better on a hot day than an ice cold one. And since they grow them here..I get mine free all summer long. : )

Ryan said...

Awww, no fair Jen.

I hope you've got a big fridge!

Jen said...

Dont need a big fridge..just timing..you eat one..chill one...eat one...chill one. : )

Ryan said...

Jen, now you're just being too smart for your own good.


Mmmm... another cold slice...