Monday, February 04, 2008

Mystery Church Girl

Okay, I don't know why, but my friends are as giddy as school girls about this new chic attending church.

I have to admit though, while I've really only seen a glimpse of her from a distance, my original *thought* about her was that I thought she was 18 as she's rather tiny (kind of like Dana... i.e. bearly reaching my knee caps! LOL), so after my glimpse I never really continued to look.

However, as some of the guys at church have spoken to some of the girls at church who've in turn had a little word to this mystery chic they've found out two things...

1. Her name, and
2. Her approximate age.

Now I don't know why they go to such lengths to inform me of such details, I guess they feel as though I'm retarded in the girl department and need some help. I dunno.

But I'm thankful for the intel nonetheless! ;o)

Ok, her name is Taryn - which I think's a cool name only because my name's inside it!! LOL

(I just hope though that I DON'T try and say something stupid like that though when we meet in case I bumble around and try and say something funny but it ends up coming out all rude an wrong. So instead of saying something like "That's a really cool name only because my name's inside!"... it'll probably come out like... "That's cool to see I'm inside you... I mean... I'm inside you and calling your name... I MEAN... I MEAN... my name is inside your name!"

Eeeeep! O_O!

*HUGE BLUSH* (She would've belted for the door!)

Okay, the second fact is that she's apparently around 24... which I don't think is right, because she's tiny (from a distance anyway). If I had to guess I would've said she'd be no more than 21... possibly 20, but the guys believe she's around 24... "my target age group," they say.

Which is right. My limit's 23-24. My preference is 25. And I only say this because women aged between 20-24 really don't know what they want. Sure, there's the rare mature 20-24 year old, I'm willing to concede that, but during that phase in a woman's life she's going through much development and by the time she's 25 she's finally beginning to hit that level where she's not as volatile (there's probably a far more eloquent word than that, but I can't think of it) as what she was several years ago.

Anyhoo... I'm still a little skeptic, but I hope she stays more than that split second so that I can have the opportunity of at least saying a "G'day."


Jen said...

LOL...Ryan! I dont even know where to start here.

You have a target age group? lol Thank you for that bit of information...I laughed a bit after reading that. I am greatful that not all men have your discriminitory thinking on this..Or else Id never get to date.

Not that Ive ever been a huge dater...But fortunatly for me I have been lucky enough that the few men in question who were willing, looked past my numerical flaw and decided I was worth the risk. LOL

Secondly...all things look smaller the father away they are..even women. Maybe you should get closer to her before you pronounce her a munchkin.

And last...but certainly not least...the fact that you have already thought about the fact your name is inside her name..and have envisioned how the initial conversation when meeting this girl could make you appear a babbling idot is classic!!! lol

I say this with the upmost love and respect for you Ryan...but your inner dork is showing. was all that falling off yellow things as a child wasnt it? : )

Ryan said...

Hey Jen!

Thanks for your comments.

Yeah, age has always been a concern for me. I don't really know why. I know if stopped me from asking out a hot little blonde in high school (I was final year she was first year), and it's probably done the same as I've grown older... hmm, maybe I shouldn't care less about the digits.

But you don't have any limits on age for single blokes?? So you wouldn't mind dating a 30 year old, or 40 year old, or 50 year old?? What about in reverse?? Would you date an 18 year old??

Yeah, Mark told me that I should take a closer look at her as "up close", he said "you can tell she's older than 21."

And I don't think I'm going to mention that joke to her, if we meet, I probably would get my tongue tied and say something completely wrong!!! Eeeeek!!! And there goes any chances I would've had!!! ROFL

Yes, I think I am a dork.


PS - there's another yellow comment... you're not wearing yellow are you? ;)
Or is it just your favourite colour?
Or maybe you've had yellow accidents too... maybe it's an epidemic!! LOL

Jen said...

Its not my favorite..but I do like yellow...Nooo major accidents involving that color. I just have enjoyed reading all your past adventures as a child where you risk life and limb...usually speeding downhill on something yellow. lol

There seems to be a pattern with you and Yellow.

OK you asked a fair question about age. I had to think about it. I met this guy when I was 17. He is a son of someone my mom works with. He meets me...and I can tell there is an atraction there. We spend a few hours talking....and laughing and things are going really well. We seem to be hitting it off. Until..he askes me how old I am..he thought I was 19 or 20. As soon as he heard the 17 that was it. I think he was 21 at the time.

Now..he and I are still friends...and I still think a lot of him and visa versa..but it still sort of bugs me that he rejected me soley based on my age.

I dont think Id reject someone older based on age alone. I do believe the bigger the gap in age..the greater chance there is to have differences in lifestyle and things you both enjoy in common. I believe that is even more so when you go the other direction...and go younger. So in that way I see your point. But I dont think its fair to say that a numerical age is a guide for someones maturity level. I think you have to talk to someone and give them a chance to let you see who they are. I think that you will find that after a few hours of real conversation you can pretty much tell if they are someone you want to pursue further. I have seen just as many 25 plus indivuals with arrested development as I have under 25.

Although it would make life much easier if you could just ask someone how old they were and know for sure by their age if they were relationship ready.

I think that is the biggest reason to take your time...and really get to know someone. Because I think thats the only true way you can tell.

Ryan said...

Thanks Jen.

Yeah there definitely is a pattern with me and yellow... and I've always liked the colour, so it shouldn't really come as any surprise that I'm a walking hazard! I just hope Taryn doesn't wear yellow when we meet (if it happens)... eeeek!! I can definitely see my self bumbling along and making a mess of myself!?! ;o)

You're definitely right about judging a book by its content rather than its cover. I'll try my hardest from now on to look beyond the digits and see a woman for who and what she is rather than how old.

And I definitely agree with your statement: I have seen just as many 25 plus indivuals with arrested development as I have under 25... as I think I'd probably be in that arrested development group!! ;o) lol