Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Thickness

I've suddenly realised something that I guess I "knew" but didn't really "know" until now.

I know, I know, it sounds stupid. And it will seem obvious to every woman in here, so get ready for some eye rolling (maybe start warming them up now).

Okay, it's no known secret within these walls and with friends outside cyberspace that I haven't dated in ages.

I'm a little more cautious about taking that next step as I'd prefer to get know someone better before taking the plunge. It helps sift through the first 6 months or so of "playing nice" when dating.

As some people have made mention before on this blog, that type of thinking is pretty lame: you can still date someone and know within a few dates whether it's worthwhile pursuing.

Ok, I agree.

The sparks will be there, or they won't. If they're not, move on... there's plenty more women out there.

But then I thought within myself: Yeah, but I don't really have anything to offer any woman. Women want stability. I'd better do the honourable thing and find a way to get that stable income. You know what they say - "No romance without finance."

Now while I do think there's definitely some validity to this, I'm beginning to realise something.


I've only got to look at my sister, look at some of my female cousins, see the thousands of other women on this planet and see that they all date absolute LOSERS! And these women I know aren't ugly - my sister, and one cousin especially, are wanted by many men!

And yet they're dating broke blokes (or is that broken blokes considering some are emotionally unstable??) - they aren't financial stabile, have no real direction in life, and yet... and yet... these guys get the chics! And some of these guys can't even carry an intelligent conversation let alone spell the word intelligent!!

*slaps forehead*

I know I'm not rich, but I also know I'm not on the poverty line.

So why am I waiting for X amount of dollars to be in my bank account before dating after being in Y job for Z years????


How superficial must I think women are if they're only interested in your wallet??

How thick am I, huh??

*slaps forehead again*

(Don't get me entirely wrong here ladies, I'm not going on the dole! LOL)


Jen said...

First of all your sister and youre cousin seem to be falling into the same hole that alot of women do. They want to ignore the red flags they see. The use only their hearts and ignore their heads complelely.

I thihk real love isnt something that is measured by the heart alone. I think you can fall in love with a lot of different people in your life..but that does not make them the right fit for you or your life.

People are in too big a hurry to make that true love connection. They are in too big a hurry to become physically intimate with someone..which all by itself can distort your view of whether that person is right or wrong for you.

They become so desperate to have that "thing" everyone in the world says they should have..that they skip all the important stuff they need to do to find that "real" thing.

Secondly..No not all women care about the money. And my question to you is.... why would you want a woman who was?

Youre an old fashioned guy..and you as most good guys do think that you need to be the bread winner..the one to protect and care for your family. This isnt a bad thing. But a marriage is two people working toward a common goal. Two people buidling that life together. Two people protecting each other. You need a good base or foundation...the rest of it..where you much money you make...the nice..but it wont sustain you in hard times..through lack of money or illness. Material things are just the icing you shouldnt make them more.

Too much information? lol

Ryan said...

Jen -> Thanks for the confirmation.