Friday, February 08, 2008

Men & Women's Department Stores

This joke wouldn't be so funny if it weren't sooo true...

A department store was opened to sell Husbands. The store had 6 floors.

Now the rule was you could purchase any husband from any floor, but once you went up to another level you could not go back down, but to exit the store.

A lady entered and the sign on the first floor said 'men with a job', she went up to the next level which read 'men with a job and likes kids'.

Impressed she then went up another level where the sign read 'men with a job, likes kids and has a romantic streak', she liked the sound of that, but proceeded to the next level where the sign read 'men with a job, likes kids, romantic and good looking'.

She was really impressed now but went on to the fifth floor where the sign read 'men with a job, likes kids, romantic, absolutely gorgeous, and enjoys helping around the home'.

Now this the lady was very impressed with that, but still she went on up to the sixth floor, and there on the sixth floor was a solitary sign which read...

You are the 3,450,701 woman to visit this floor, this demonstates how women are impossible to please. Thank you for visiting the Husband store. Have a nice day.

Directly across the road from the Husbands store was another department store that sold Wives. And, similar to the Husbands store, this store had 6 floors where you could purchase a Wife on any level, but if you went up a floor you couldn't go back down and had to exit.

So, a bloke walks into the store and on the first floor reads the following sign: "Women who like sex".

Impressed the guy goes up to the second floor where he meets a similar sign, but this one reads: "Women who like sex and are rich."

No man has ever gone to the third floor.


So are women impossible to please, or are men just too easy??

I tend to think the former, and no I'm not biased.



Likalia said...

Women ARE impossible to please, which is why I don't date them. ;)

Ryan said...


Thanks Likalia!!


Jen said... are so bad!

Its sort of true though. Guys are usually what you see is what you get. Women...well I hate to say it. But a lot of women are just basically evil creatures. They are either high matainance all about me or the bunny boiler stalker types.

I dont like to say that about my own gender. But I have to be honest...there are alot of them that just plain embarrass me to be female.

Ryan said...

Oh don't be too hard on yourself and your gender Jen... that's what I'm here for... you can't get all the pleasure!! LOL

But I think you'll find that there are more evil creatures on our side than your side.

Just look at prisons!