Tuesday, February 19, 2008


IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE...............


*running around flailing arms about*

(Care to guess what?)


Likalia said...


No wait - that was last week, this must be the camera. ;)


Ryan said...

Likalia -> I don't think that will ever arrive!


But yes the 40D is here, coming for walkies?

Jen said...

I was going to guess those transformer Jammies you have had your eye on..But a camera is nice too.

You did refrain from kissing the mailman again didnt you?

Likalia said...

Oooh, camera walk!

Alas mine will have to wait til the weekend (when hopefully we will have some sun, instead of fog). :)

Ryan said...

Jen -> Yeah, I amazingly controlled myself when the mailman came. I guess after having opened the door and kissed 12,561 different people this past week (a record I'm sure) my lips had had enough. I think I may have slapped him across the face instead though... you know, for taking so long! lol

Likalia -> No worries girl. I'll take a raincheck... or is that a fogcheck!? lol