Sunday, February 10, 2008

It Was Brief

I met Taryn today.

And I don't know what the guys were talking about with her being around 24-25!?

I was a little disappointed with myself though as I didn't really make an effort to go over and talk to her after the church service. See the moment where we did meet was during the usual "meet-and-greet" section of the service where you pretty much shake hands with as many as you can in one minute.

So I made an effort to seek, locate and... greet.

Thankfully I didn't put my foot in it as we shook hands.

But yes at the end of the service Dan teased us by nodding in her direction and pointing his eyes towards her, but when I saw her talking to someone else I let is slip through.

What a wimp.

Although I did hear through the conversation she was having that she's starting her second year at uni this year... adding further weight to the fact that I think she's only 20, at most 21.

But I'm not going to worry about age, right? Right?

Next week though she's going to get a talking to.


(At least contact has been made.)


Jen said...

Again you make assumptions based on random facts. Most of my friends started going to college right out of high school. Which means most have already completed several years of school at this moment in time.

I myself didnt want to go that route. I wasnt ready to go straight to a classroom again. SO I just started this past August.

Just because someone is a certain year in school doesnt give you a definite lock on their age.


ps...the way youre going shes going to be a whole year older by the time you finally speak to her....or is that the plan? lol

Ryan said...

Hahahaha... thanks Jen (loved the PS... yes, if I wait long enough, by the time I talk to her she'll be 25 and then everything will be fine! LOL)

I didn't start uni until I was 20... making me 21 in my second year. And you'd be 22 in your second year. Know of anyone that is 24 or 25 in their second year?? ;op

But yes I will stop overthinking, overmusing, overspeculating, overjen-ing, overovering...

Arrrrghhhhh... *flailing arms about*

(I hope I'm not going to be frothing at the mouth next Sunday!!! Hehehe)

Jen said...

Nothing wrong with thinking. Even overly so. Nothing wrong with having standards or taking your time to meet the right person. I think the biggest problem alot of people have is that they want to rush to quickly to fill this need they have. And in doing so they ignore or dont have the time to try and learn about all sides to a person.

But...if shes seems like a nice girl. She can speak to you intelligently, she has the same sort of values you do. Then isnt it better to look a bit further..instead of saying hmmmm shes under 25, nope cross her off the list. lol

Your a guy..arent you supposed to think logically...and that reasoning sounded logical to me : )

Ryan said...

I agree Jen.

I highly esteem those who have standards and aren't willing to waver, especially if these standards are biblical.

And I hope you're not getting the impression that I never talk to girls if they're below a certain age limit! O_O

It's just taking that next step... in fact, I want to discuss it a little further, now you've got me writing another blog post...