Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An Idea

Do you know what I think would be a great idea?

What's that?

If companies that sell equipment such as cameras, or other such complicated equipment, sent out the manual a day or two before they ship the actual product.

This will allow the many men who buy these types of toys to actually read it before playing with it, reducing breakage, frustration, and their wives knowing everything about the product because they happened to read the manual.

Maybe a cheaper alternative would be to email the manual in PDF form, reducing costs to the supplier, although I still think sending the manual in print form would be better.

At least when the person gets their product they're a little more informed on how to handle it.

Just my 2c while I'm waiting here chomping at the next bit... the first bit's already gone.

(I've already gone through all the 40D videos on YouTube... I need something else to satisfy my cravings... if only I had the manual... *sigh*... frappy?)

PS - I hope I don't have to wait over the weekend... I don't think I'd make it.


Likalia said...

Why don't you just download the pdf manual off the Canon site, it should tide you over for about 10 minutes. :)

Ryan said...


Have a guess what I was reading last night, Likalia?

Only one guess.


Likalia said...

Dante's Inferno in the orginal Italian?

Ryan said...


How did you know??

Likalia said...

;) tis a secret!

Ryan said...

You must have an incredible zoom lens on that camera!!