Thursday, February 14, 2008

Go Willo

Well the original plan was for all the lonely hearts to get together tonight and watch the new movie Jumpers which was released in cinemas today.

But then that plan backfired. Here's how the conversations went down...

DAN: Are you planning on watching a movie tonight?
ME: Yeah. I'd invite you, but I don't want to spoil any special time between you and your wife.
DAN: Nah, don't worry, I didn't book or plan anything. So what time will you be going?
ME: Probably the 8:30pm session.
DAN: Alright see you there.

MARK: Hey dude did you want to go and watch a movie tonight, say, Jumpers??
ME: Yeah, sounds good. But we'll probably have to get there early as it's Valentine's Day today and it'll probably be packed.
MARK: [pauses, obviously thinking about something]
ME: Are you there?
MARK: Yeah, yeah. Listen I'll give you a call back in 10.

WILLO: Hey dude, wassup?
ME: Hey man. Where are you?
WILLO: I'm in the car being driven by a lovely woman to King's Park.
ME: [drops phone] HUH??
WILLO: Yeah. One of the chics from church has shouted a romantic evening meal at King's Park for us.
ME: [picks self up from floor] Wow! That's awesome dude.
WILLO: Hahaha. Yep, Jemimah has got all the food prepared, and all I've had to bring is an empty stomach!
ME: That's excellent. I hope it goes well for you...

[Another call is coming through. It's MARK.]

ME: ...hold on Willo, I've just got another call...

MARK: Hey man, I'm thinking I'm going to bail tonight.
ME: Okay, no worries.
MARK: Yeah, I just realised it was Valentine's Day and I'm thinking that it's going to be packed anyway. I say we just watch it tomorrow night after youth group.
ME: Yeah, good idea. Catch you tomorrow night then?
MARK: Yep, see you then.

[Back to Willo...]

ME: You there Willo?
WILLO: [still laughing] Yeah. So what's happening?
ME: Oh nothing man, just wanted to see how you're going. [it sounded a little too clinical]
WILLO: Yeah well I'd catch up with you tonight dude, but unfortunately I've got a very lovely woman with me tonight.
ME: [rub it in... LOL]
WILLO: So maybe we can catch up on the weekend. Have some stuff I need to talk to you about regarding cell group.
ME: Kewl. Have a great nice and I'll hear from you soon then, eh?
WILLO: Will do. Cya.

Wow, Willo!

You go girl.

Well I truly hope that everything goes well with him and Jemimah tonight. Honest. I've been praying for him that he would eventually meet someone who would treat him right, and I hope now my prayers are being answered.

Hopefully once I get my direction in life sorted next Valentine's wont be alone.

To all those who celebrated Valentine's Day alone and without any gift (like me) my heart and love go to you all. Be happy for those who do get surprised, so that when it's your turn they'll be happy for you.

Tomorrow's another day.

The roses will wither.

...and chocolate only makes you fat.



Likalia said...

Chocolate makes you fat!?

Ryan said...

No, sorry it doesn't.

Eat as much as you want Likalia.


Jen said...

What difference does it make if I get fat? Im going to die alone...with cats....lots and lots of cats. : (

Happy Valentines Day Ryan
: )

Ryan said...

I can think of no other death worse than dying overweight and with a whole bunch of cats licking my face.


Sounds like a nightmare.

PS - happy valentine's day too Jen. ;-*

Jen said...

LOL...well at least the cats dont care how big my butt gets...and I can eat as much choclate as I want. : )

But now that you mentioned them finding me dead with cats licking my face Im sort of grossed out. And I dont think a chocolate buzz will erase the visual image you have just put into my head.

ewwwwww ryan!

Ryan said...

If you had dogs though you'd never die fat.

Dogs and chocolate mix well.

Cats and fat don't.


Jen said...

Ok...but what kind of dog..and yes this is a test. lol

Ryan said...

The girlie answer would be a golden retriever, but being a bloke the correct answer would is a staffie.

They are the bestest homiest dogs on the planet if you're friendly... if you're not and you decide to jump over a staffie owners fence then watch out!

(And yes I know of such an incident that happened at a mates place many years ago.)

Jen said...

What is a staffie?

Ryan said...

Staffie = staffordshire bull terrier

Photo of one here.

I'll admit they look scary, but if you ever own one and raise it properly you'll never go back to another dog.

(Our family had one when we were kids - Buster. An amazing dog. My brother and his wife have just bought two.)

I luv 'em.

Jen said...

He reminds me of that South African dogs...Boerboel. Id love to have one of those.

I think my dog could eat your dog. : )