Thursday, February 07, 2008

Drops Of Water

What is it with these drops of water falling from the sky??

Last time I saw such activity was in Singas in December!

Its been going all morning.


I hope its not a sign of things to come... I've been enjoying my summer, and I'm going to let go of it so easily. I'll hold my breath and stomp my feet in protest.

(Or maybe with all this water the beach is coming to me now!)


Jen said...

You dont enjoy a rainy day once in a while? It sounds good hitting the makes the air smell so good. It cools everything off...and you can curl up with a book or a movie while its all wet outside.

And on the really bad weather get to make a big pot of stew, or chili...or if youre in the south..chichen and dumplings...I love rainy days!

Ryan said...

Jen, rain is for winter, sun is for summer.

I don't want rain invading my sun time... we only have a few weeks left of it anyway, and then it can rain all it likes.

I don't want to curl up, I want to be in a curl... a wave curl!

But I do love a good pot of stew, any time of the year... mmmmm...

Jen said...

Ok Ok..I will give you this one...wasting a perfectly good beach day is sort of a sin.

Ryan said...

Thankfully the sun is back out in full force today!

I *almost* had to wear jeans yesterday it was that cold.


That was a close one.

This weekend and next week we're back in the mid-30C's (mid-90F's).

Jen said...

I think we got your rain. I hope it clears..we are having kids weekend and I want to go play lazer tag with my roommates little

Ryan said...

Aww, no fair.

Come on, I invited the rain over, now you need to invite me to come play.


(I haven't played lazer tag in years...)

Jen said...

You are more than welcome to come play with us. But I have to warn you...we show no mercy. Its cut throat lazer tag.

But afterwards...we will take you to Chucky Cheese to drown your sorrows in pizza and video games. lol

Ryan said...


You all probably would. Being tall does have its disadvantages (more surface area)... maybe I could disguise myself as a wall??

Pizza... mmMmmmmmm... the perfect food after a day at the beach...

Sounds like a heap of fun.

*mildly jealous* (at least until I get to the beach ;op )

Jen said...

Ahem...Florida girl here...Lives in a state surounded on three sides by water...we have beaches too.

We take the boats out on the river in the summer too. I love the water.

Ryan said...

Three sides?? Left-side, right-side, and... in-side??

Was talking to a friend about working abroad on Saturday and I said to him that I don't mind wherever I go just as long as it was near a beautiful beach. As he had traveled around the States a bit he said that the best places were either Florida or southern California, but these were expensive areas and the beaches were nowhere near as good as WA's.

But I'd think that your rivers are far cleaner than ours. I wouldn't swim in ours for a million dollars.

Jen said...

Florida is a peninsula..which means it has a two sides and a bottom. I realize that the bottom is sort of rounded..but it still counts...

Face it Ryan...if we didnt have the top of the be an island..sort of like you. lol

Yes we have some great beaches...but on the gulf side not much in the way of surf. But your friend is probably correct about WA being the best. Id love to find out first hand. Maybe someday.

Ryan said...

Well it's nice to hear that Floridans have a nice rounded bottom, Jen. ;o)

And yes you'll have to make a trip down here someday to make an informed decision on which beaches are best! But you'll just have to wait in line as there's a queue building. Dana spoke to me on the phone on the weekend and said that she might be down in May.

While May is a nice balmy month it's when winter begins to creep in so I don't like her chances of enjoying our beaches as much during that month.

The best times to come to Perth would generally be around January-April. While November and December have periods where it's hot enough to go to the beach it can sometimes be a little touch and go.