Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Couple More

Before I went out on a walkies with Likalia I tested the live-view functionality of the 40D.

Now I understand that it's best to have a tripod when using live-view as once you have focussed on the area you really don't want to move an inch! But these next few photos were taken with live-view free-standing (oh, wait I was sitting... so, free-sitting).

First I would zoom in, manually focus what I wanted, and then took the photo... here's how those shots turned out...

The images look much better when you zoom in (or view in the large size).

But yes, I'm impressed with the live-view feature on this camera already and it was something that many camera salesmen booed about when I would weigh it up against the Nikons! I suppose if you're taking action photography you'll probably never have the time to use live-view, but if you enjoy taking macro-type shots (as I do) then I think it's an awesome feature!

Can't wait to do some more exploring with this camera... I haven't even had it for one full day, and yet I still can't stop touching it!!

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