Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Almost Fainted Into The Arms Of The Mailman

(No the mailman wasn't a chic.)

But after yesterday's purchase of my new fangle dangle digital SLR when I received a knock at the door by a guy delivering some packages I thought that it was it!!!

And no sooner had he arrived did he hand over the package and leave!?

I guess running out half-naked in my pj's, jumping up and down with eyes wide-opened helped speed proceedings up!

But after leaving me with a small package, I thought that maybe the rest of it was in the van.

It wasn't until he quickly jumped into his van and skidded off down the road that I realised that it wasn't likely my dSLR.

It wasn't until I opened up the package, that it hit me...

Aaah, it was my underwater camera protector thingie for my old camera.

Remember the trip to Coral Bay this Easter?

Well I thought to myself: how cool would it be if I could buy something like a disposal underwater camera to take some photos of when we're up there (as last time I was there the scenery under the water was amazing!)

And then I saw an ad for a cheap plastic underwater cover that can be used on my old Canon point and shoot camera.

And now I had it in my hot little hand! I'd forgotten all about him with the excitement of the new dSLR on its way.

Did I mention that?? LOL

I'll have to take it down the beach this week and see how it goes! I hope it can take a battering with all the waves we catch!!

But how cool would that be, taking digital photos of bodysurfing some waves!

I can't wait until the weekend now!!!!

(I don't think I'm going to get much sleep at all over the next couple of days! HAHA)


Jen said...

LMAO...I can see you now. Sliding across the floor. Decked out in your transformer jammies. Giddy with anticipation.

: )

Cant wait to see the pictures when the camera arrives.

Ryan said...

I'm almost at the point of hyperventilation as I sit here staring out the front window waiting for the mailman to return...