Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thanks For The Walk Likalia!


*lower jaw on the floor*

I've just had the opportunity of viewing Likalia's fabulous walkies where she kept up her end of the deal by taking some awesome photos of some very picturesque places near where she lives last weekend.

Thanks Likalia!

You took some great photos, and I loved all of them!!

Thank you.

(And BTW I think your walk was waaaaaay better than mine, you have a good eye... even if they both don't work properly! lol.)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

After Dark

Well, I have to admit night photography is definitely a different kettle of fish to normal day-light photography... and I think what makes it that little more difficult is the use of a tripod - especially a new one.

Tonight I went to Point Walter Golf Course and tried to take some shots of the clear setting sun which turned out okay, and then I skittled along the river to Heathcote to take some shots of the city lights at night.

The best thing a like about night photography is the ability to play around with shutter speed the most. Taking a photo that is exposed for more than a second. And it was good having a ferry pass by as I was taking shots of the Perth skylight.

Anyway, here were some of tonights snaps...

The one thing I liked about the 40D tonight was the little LCD screen found underneath the shutter button. I didn't really think that was going to be of much use when using this camera, but when you're using a tripod it helps *heaps* as it saves you needing to bend down, look through the viewfinder, press the shutter button half way down (etc) to see what shutter speed and aperture settings have been set. With the LCD screen you just push on the light button and then you can see all your settings - definitely an awesome feature!!

I suppose one gripe that I found when taking shots at night was that when I was taking shots of the moon the camera wouldn't allow me to take a shot because it failed to pick up the object (as the moon wasn't in the middle of the shot where I've instructed the camera's settings to only use the center focus point to focus). Now, initially I moved the tripod so that the camera could focus on the moon, then after setting the tripod back down I took the shot, but I found this to be quite irritating and obviously the stupidest way of doing things!

The solution was to actually take the lens off auto-focus, and switch it to manual focus! While this meant playing around with the focus ring it ended up being better because I could then use the live-view which helped pinpoint exactly what I wanted focused by using the 10x zoom!

So in very low light conditions, if the focus point(s) are very very dark then you might bump into this problem with the 40D. Either change your focus points (don't use one specific point), or switch to live-view/manual focus mode.

Night photography definitely tests your camera and your tripod I'll give you that - you'll want to make sure you've got a good set if you enjoy taking night shots! I don't think I'd be in a hurry to buy another cheap tripod again.

But I'm glad some shots ended up turning out okay.

She's Chasing You

Remember Bree?

Well, there was a little something that I didn't mention that happened that night.

See, when Bree came over to give us our bill for the night, she also put a customer survey card on top of the bill. Mark quickly grabbed the survey knowing that by doing so he was likely to get some freebies from Hoggies provided you put your name and address on the card.

As I was too busy staring at Bree I didn't really know what was going on until Mark asked, "What should I put down the bottom here under 'additional comments'?"

"How about Bree is a Bree-ath [sic] of fresh air," said Chris.

"Nice," I affirmed.

And so Mark wrote that down... along with his phone number and the words "Call me" written down!?!


When Bree came over to collect the bill Mark pointed out his comments on the card.

I don't get it, I thought, all night you've been talking about another Hoggies waitress chic and you're trying to pick up Bree??

"Be sure to erase the number when you're done," he said, hoping that when the card is handed in to management he doesn't get a phone call from Lelu the bosses single daughter of 15,827 years!

I could she was more than startled than I was, and thanked us all the same as we left.

Sure enough the next day Mark received a text message from Bree where she apparently said something to the effect of "Haha thanks for the comments, do you always try and pick up waitresses?"

To which Mark jokingly told us "No, I don't. You're the first." when we caught up later that same day.

"I just want the phone number of her friend at Hoggies," he said continually laughing at the thought to all of us.

You're an idiot.

Now from what I understand Mark asked in his initial response back to Bree what times she was available, to which she then responded "I'd have to check my work schedule".

That was the last I heard about the ordeal until yesterday when as I was taking photos I received a text message from Mark which read:

Give me your advice. Bree said she'd call me when she knew her work times, but I can pretty much only see her tonight. Should I message her, or wait?

Well I was flattered that he was asking for my advice, but I couldn't help but feel that maybe she was reading him like a book and had possibly noticed that he was some sort of a player and didn't want to tell him her work times.

But, being the nice idiot that I am, I gave him my advice and I said to him that if I were in your shoes I'd respond, but it'd be something like... "Just thought I'd let you know that I'm going to be at X cafe having a coffee at around 7pm if you wanted to keep me entertained". It was asking, without asking, and more importantly it was just casual.

Anyway, he did as instructed and a couple of hours later he replied saying that she couldn't make it as she was working tonight, but she wanted to catch up on Sunday and Mark said that he told her okay.

Good job Mark.

I personally would've been a little more playful with my response back, maybe saying something like, "Well I'm going to need to check with Superman & Spiderman first as I'm covering for them this weekend while they go on holidays, and we all know that evil never takes a break"... or something stupid and silly like that. (Hey, it's different, it's unique, and I'm sure it'll provide an easier way to start a conversation when you meet - rather than the normal boring banter!)

But then moments later Mark asked if I wanted to go to Hoggies for dinner tonight?

Ahh... why?? Did you want to check on her story or something? See if she really was working tonight? Or are you wanting to give her the "I'm needy" cling-on type treatment that will see her run for cover??

No thanks dude.

I think my appetite for meat has dissipated since last weekend... and I'm enjoying this sunset whilst talking to another fellow Canon photographer chic anyway (shame she smokes like a chimney).


The Setting Sun

With whispy clouds hanging in the air, I knew there was likely to be some sort of magical sunset yesterday.

So, after finishing up work, I zipped off with camera in hand and went straight for the beach. First stop was CY O'Connor Beach... a dog beach, that actually has some nice views of Garden Island and Carnac Island...

Unfortunately when I arrived at the beach there were a pod of dolphins no more than 20 meters from the beach, but when I took photos it wasn't until 10-15 minutes later that I had the exposure metering on overexpose!! Argh!!

So the only other photos I got of CY O'Connor beach were the old power station, and a couple of other beach shots...

I then decided to go up the coast a little and see what the view would be like from Leighton and Cottesloe beaches...


I wonder what today will bring??

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Couple More

Before I went out on a walkies with Likalia I tested the live-view functionality of the 40D.

Now I understand that it's best to have a tripod when using live-view as once you have focussed on the area you really don't want to move an inch! But these next few photos were taken with live-view free-standing (oh, wait I was sitting... so, free-sitting).

First I would zoom in, manually focus what I wanted, and then took the photo... here's how those shots turned out...

The images look much better when you zoom in (or view in the large size).

But yes, I'm impressed with the live-view feature on this camera already and it was something that many camera salesmen booed about when I would weigh it up against the Nikons! I suppose if you're taking action photography you'll probably never have the time to use live-view, but if you enjoy taking macro-type shots (as I do) then I think it's an awesome feature!

Can't wait to do some more exploring with this camera... I haven't even had it for one full day, and yet I still can't stop touching it!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Walkies With Likalia

Ready Likalia?

Grab my hand girl lets go...

First we'll start near Mt Henry Bridge, as you can see it has a nice view of Perth... even if it is on fire!?

And here's the Mt Henry Bridge... careful girl don't get run over by cyclists they're all in a hurry to get home after a hard days' work and no bystander will stop them.

As we walk along the Mt Henry Bridge a couple of young lads have ventured out to try their hand at fishing for the day... good luck!

Now we're walking along part of the Swan River, and oh look... dinosaur footprints... (or was that just you?)

We'll stop here for a rest in the shade, hiding from the dinosaurs... see the tower in the background, that's where we'll be going next...

Oh look someone's out waterskiing... I wonder if he'll jump for us? Nope, I guess he's just hanging on for dear life! I know I would be!!

Yes, shells everywhere, and we can see the Raffles tower more clearly now... that's our halfway point...

Oh look, wow, dolphins in the river!

Hopefully the rowers don't run over the dolphins! Eeek!

We're now on the Canning Bridge... we can see Perth a little more clearer than before, good to see it's still burning!?

And how about these apartments, eh? What a view they'd have every morning on the Perth city skyline!

We need to walk back under the Canning Bridge to go back, want to count the pylons? How many are there?

Is it nine or twenty-three?

Nobody wants to miss out on the view...

And what view would that be? Where we just came from...

Nearly finished, here's a unique view from the Mt Pleasant Reserve... where the water-skiers usually leave from...

It's starting to get dark, but look at the moon...

And now we cross back over the fleaway back home...

Let's see what it's like at Heathcote... and don't be scared it's just Dan...

Unfortunately we forgot to bring a tripod so all our city night snaps didn't work, including the ones of the fireworks (yeah, strangely enough there were fireworks tonight too!), so there weren't ANY photos that worked FROM Heathcote, but a couple did OF Heathcote, here's their famous tower...

Anyway, I'm pooped. 2.5 half hours of walking, and a few frustrating moments at Heathcote that would've been magical, have taken it out of me... time to go...

From your friendly neighbourhood Aussie-spider-photographer-man-person...thing,

Hope you enjoyed it Likalia!

Anybody else want to go for walkies??


IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE...............


*running around flailing arms about*

(Care to guess what?)

Monday, February 18, 2008

That Time Of Month

It's no known secret amongst men that there are certain consecutive days during the month where women can be somewhat more... umm... "animated" than at other times.

Blokes know that if its a heavy cycle the best form of action is to play dead.

Now we also known that woman use this time as an excuse to let rip. Now we aren't stupid enough to call your bluff, just in case we're wrong... so we'll play safe... and just play dead.

Okay, what I want to know is: Do women ever put up with it?

Ladies, if your female friend starts flying off the handle because of her period do you put up with it, as guys do? Or are their certain female tricks that you employ - maybe have a handy bar of chocolate in your bag??

I guess if you've been friends long enough with someone you kinda just "know". Maybe you all have calendars plotting your friends' cycles!

"Okay, well it's best to avoid Jessica over the next few days... and I'd better see Hayley before the weekend..."

ROFL! Yeah, see I know the tricks.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Thickness

I've suddenly realised something that I guess I "knew" but didn't really "know" until now.

I know, I know, it sounds stupid. And it will seem obvious to every woman in here, so get ready for some eye rolling (maybe start warming them up now).

Okay, it's no known secret within these walls and with friends outside cyberspace that I haven't dated in ages.

I'm a little more cautious about taking that next step as I'd prefer to get know someone better before taking the plunge. It helps sift through the first 6 months or so of "playing nice" when dating.

As some people have made mention before on this blog, that type of thinking is pretty lame: you can still date someone and know within a few dates whether it's worthwhile pursuing.

Ok, I agree.

The sparks will be there, or they won't. If they're not, move on... there's plenty more women out there.

But then I thought within myself: Yeah, but I don't really have anything to offer any woman. Women want stability. I'd better do the honourable thing and find a way to get that stable income. You know what they say - "No romance without finance."

Now while I do think there's definitely some validity to this, I'm beginning to realise something.


I've only got to look at my sister, look at some of my female cousins, see the thousands of other women on this planet and see that they all date absolute LOSERS! And these women I know aren't ugly - my sister, and one cousin especially, are wanted by many men!

And yet they're dating broke blokes (or is that broken blokes considering some are emotionally unstable??) - they aren't financial stabile, have no real direction in life, and yet... and yet... these guys get the chics! And some of these guys can't even carry an intelligent conversation let alone spell the word intelligent!!

*slaps forehead*

I know I'm not rich, but I also know I'm not on the poverty line.

So why am I waiting for X amount of dollars to be in my bank account before dating after being in Y job for Z years????


How superficial must I think women are if they're only interested in your wallet??

How thick am I, huh??

*slaps forehead again*

(Don't get me entirely wrong here ladies, I'm not going on the dole! LOL)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Take My (Hog's) Breath Away

Okay, this might sound like I've never hit puberty yet, and very little boyish, but I'm awestruck...

I saw the most beautiful pair of brown eyes I have ever seen... well at least since I can remember (and haha to the voice in the background echoing that my memory doesn't really stretch that far back... another wannabe comedian).

But yeah I wish it were in another setting, but... it was at a steakhouse. And she was waiting on our table.

Ya, okay, I know, it's childish... but dude it's true.

We were ushered to our table with menus in hand where the manager informed us that a "Bree" would be serving us tonight.

Not long after "Bree" came over.

As we sat there chatting away (as guys do) "Bree" came to our table crouched down and asked if she could take any drink orders. Initially I hadn't recognised her because of the in-depth discussion I was having with Dan or Mark at the time, but when I looked over...

I have to admit... I kinda stared.

Our eyes locked for a little longer than normal, and my brain went fuzzy.

"Ahhh, sthorie??" I mumbled with drool more than likely dripping from my mouth at the same time.

"Would you like to order drinks?" she asked again.

Dan and Mark were waiting for me to say the usual "Lemo, lime & bitter" order, but dude I couldn't think!??!

The eyes had me smitten!

An eternity passed and Bree smiled at the mess I was no doubt making and Dan finally found the words, "A jug of lemon, lime bitters to start please."

She turned back to her notepad and jotted down a jug of lemon, lime bitters.

"Any entrees?" she asked.

She again looked over at me and I think blood vessels in my brain began bursting...

I tried to get my lips to move...

"Enthways???" I mumbled goo from my mouth flying everywhere.

"Yes, would you like any starters?" she asked, thinking that by making it simpler I might be able to understand.

I understood. She just made it terribly difficult to tell her what I wanted. Even I didn't know what I wanted... no, wait, I did, but my face wasn't working!?!

Dan could see my struggles.

"Just some nachos," he added.

"Nachos it is then."

And with that she looked over again at me, no doubt enjoying the mess I had now become, smiled, and then left us.

I'm going to need to write my order down, blood was returning to my brain again and I knew I was going to be in for some trouble when it came time to order my mains. If you've all been to steakhouses before you know the 10,782,267,381 questions they ask when you order a steak.

"Would you like fries, mashed, brown, baby, Chinese, sweet, organic, or pink with yellow polka dots potatoes?"

Huh? What was the one after Japanese again??

And it didn't take long before the nachos were served along with the jug of LLB's.

"Would you like me to take your orders now?" she asked as she knelt beside me!!!

I nodded.

Breathe, just breathe... she's not going to propose.

"What can I get for you today?" asked Bree, I was first cab off the rank.

I couldn't look across so I re-opened my menu and pointed to the steak with a caveman like grunt.

"Would you like that small, regular, traditional, super-sized, or on our wedding cake?"

Okay, my brain was only getting scarce supply of blood I could tell... I wasn't hearing things correctly.

"Wegula," I bumbled.

"Would you like fries, mashed, baked, or a kiss?"

I think I let out a high pitched squeal.

"Fwise pweas," I spat, my lower lip was disfunctioning.

"And would you like veges, salad, or my phone number?"

I couldn't remember the last time I took a breath and my head was beginning to spin... I could feel my head scoring a three-pointer straight into the nacho plate!

I let out another grunt.


I sure was!

And the nod into the nacho bowl confirmed it.

After taking everybody else's orders things turned back to normal when she left.

Soon our meals were laid before us and it didn't take long for us hungry boys to polish our plates. Unfortunately though Bree couldn't have timed herself better when she came over and asked if everything was okay.

"Yes," I said looking up smiling at her, only realising that I had just finished my corn cob and had a bazillion corn pieces caught between my teeth.

I don't think I could've impressed her any more that night. I think she would've been just as smitten as I was!! (If that were possible... ROFL!)

But yes, Bree at Hog's Breath certainly took my breath away tonight.

I'd be there in a heartbeat again...

"Hello sir, here again, what can I get for you tonight?"

"Just a half-hour stare at Bree's eyes please."


(Don't worry I don't think this childish high school-like crush will last too long... I don't think she was any more than 18 years old!! Oop, I know I'm naughty and shouldn't be staring at girls that young. It's Jen and Willo's fault. LOL)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Go Willo

Well the original plan was for all the lonely hearts to get together tonight and watch the new movie Jumpers which was released in cinemas today.

But then that plan backfired. Here's how the conversations went down...

DAN: Are you planning on watching a movie tonight?
ME: Yeah. I'd invite you, but I don't want to spoil any special time between you and your wife.
DAN: Nah, don't worry, I didn't book or plan anything. So what time will you be going?
ME: Probably the 8:30pm session.
DAN: Alright see you there.

MARK: Hey dude did you want to go and watch a movie tonight, say, Jumpers??
ME: Yeah, sounds good. But we'll probably have to get there early as it's Valentine's Day today and it'll probably be packed.
MARK: [pauses, obviously thinking about something]
ME: Are you there?
MARK: Yeah, yeah. Listen I'll give you a call back in 10.

WILLO: Hey dude, wassup?
ME: Hey man. Where are you?
WILLO: I'm in the car being driven by a lovely woman to King's Park.
ME: [drops phone] HUH??
WILLO: Yeah. One of the chics from church has shouted a romantic evening meal at King's Park for us.
ME: [picks self up from floor] Wow! That's awesome dude.
WILLO: Hahaha. Yep, Jemimah has got all the food prepared, and all I've had to bring is an empty stomach!
ME: That's excellent. I hope it goes well for you...

[Another call is coming through. It's MARK.]

ME: ...hold on Willo, I've just got another call...

MARK: Hey man, I'm thinking I'm going to bail tonight.
ME: Okay, no worries.
MARK: Yeah, I just realised it was Valentine's Day and I'm thinking that it's going to be packed anyway. I say we just watch it tomorrow night after youth group.
ME: Yeah, good idea. Catch you tomorrow night then?
MARK: Yep, see you then.

[Back to Willo...]

ME: You there Willo?
WILLO: [still laughing] Yeah. So what's happening?
ME: Oh nothing man, just wanted to see how you're going. [it sounded a little too clinical]
WILLO: Yeah well I'd catch up with you tonight dude, but unfortunately I've got a very lovely woman with me tonight.
ME: [rub it in... LOL]
WILLO: So maybe we can catch up on the weekend. Have some stuff I need to talk to you about regarding cell group.
ME: Kewl. Have a great nice and I'll hear from you soon then, eh?
WILLO: Will do. Cya.

Wow, Willo!

You go girl.

Well I truly hope that everything goes well with him and Jemimah tonight. Honest. I've been praying for him that he would eventually meet someone who would treat him right, and I hope now my prayers are being answered.

Hopefully once I get my direction in life sorted next Valentine's wont be alone.

To all those who celebrated Valentine's Day alone and without any gift (like me) my heart and love go to you all. Be happy for those who do get surprised, so that when it's your turn they'll be happy for you.

Tomorrow's another day.

The roses will wither.

...and chocolate only makes you fat.


The Dating Project

What do you think the results would be if the following test was conducted.

You get 100 single men and 100 single women.

None of them should know anyone from the opposite sex.

Take facial photos of each person and distribute these to the opposite sex where they would choose the 10 people they'd likely date based solely on the portrait photo and 10 people they definitely wouldn't date.

Take a voice recording of each person where they have to give a 1 minute speech selling themselves (physical qualities shouldn't be mentioned on the audio).

Then have the opposite sex listen to the recordings and again have each person choose 10 people they'd likely date based solely on the sound recordings and again choose 10 people they didn't like based on their sound recordings.

Lastly you'd get 100 different fragrances, maybe 50 perfumes, 50 colognes, and have each gender pick 5 from each group.

What do you think the test results would show??

Would there be a any correlation between someone's physical attractiveness and their 1 minute personality?? Would there even be any correlation at all with smell and physical attraction/personality??

I dunno.

Personally I think you'd be surprised by the portrait photos and the sound recordings, there'd probably be a strong negative correlation, or no correlation, and I wouldn't have a clue on smell because I don't think anyone dates solely on how the other person smells... although I don't think a relationship lasts long if one partner pongs!

And what about touch??

Happy Valentines Day

There was a strange knock at the door this morning.

It wasn't the typical mailman knock, instead it was a...

*knock* *knock* *okay, now I will try the door...* *oh look it's unlocked..."

But being the astute and alert one for obvious *cough* Canon 40D *cough* reasons I was at the door in an instant.

I don't know whether it was the fact that I stood there behind the door, or the fact that what the person was doing could almost be construed as breaking and entering without the breaking (isn't that just called trespassing... I dunno), but when the door was closed I re-opened it to find a bunch of flowers in my face.

"I'm sorry," said an elderly voice behind the roses.

"Oh wow, talking roses!" I joked and then after peering around the roses and noticing the elderly lady holding them up I continued with, "That's okay."

"Is a Carlee here?" she asked.

*phew* They weren't for me. I was beginning to get a little worried that maybe I had forgotten someone!

"Yes," I answered and after signing a form she quietly sped off down the street (no I wasn't in my jammies, or half-naked).

As I placed the flowers down on the table I began to wonder on who would send my sister flowers. It didn't take me long to guess it would *likely* be from - that jerk she broke up with last year and is reigniting the flame with again.

And I know it ain't my decision on who she sees because I know I ain't marrying my sister, but out of all the guys I know who've wanted to date my sister she had to chose the one at the bottom of the barrel.

And these guys who I know all have stable jobs/incomes, guys that could potentially be very wealthy by the time they're 40, and guys that have their head screwed on properly, can carry an intelligent conversation and aren't emotionally unstable, and they don't do drugs, or sleep around, or drink themselves senseless, or abuse women.


Sorry boys, but you all know the saying: nice guys finish last. I'm sure there's somewhere better out there for you than my sister, it's a shame though I know because my sister is awesome and attractive, I know, but hopefully this fling wont be permanent. Hopefully she'll see past the superficial.

Happy Valentine's Day sis.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An Idea

Do you know what I think would be a great idea?

What's that?

If companies that sell equipment such as cameras, or other such complicated equipment, sent out the manual a day or two before they ship the actual product.

This will allow the many men who buy these types of toys to actually read it before playing with it, reducing breakage, frustration, and their wives knowing everything about the product because they happened to read the manual.

Maybe a cheaper alternative would be to email the manual in PDF form, reducing costs to the supplier, although I still think sending the manual in print form would be better.

At least when the person gets their product they're a little more informed on how to handle it.

Just my 2c while I'm waiting here chomping at the next bit... the first bit's already gone.

(I've already gone through all the 40D videos on YouTube... I need something else to satisfy my cravings... if only I had the manual... *sigh*... frappy?)

PS - I hope I don't have to wait over the weekend... I don't think I'd make it.

Valentine's Delivery

Wouldn't it be fitting if my camera arrived tomorrow.

Fate, maybe?

I can't stop thinking about her.


Being Shipped

Just received a text message and an email this morning that my digital SLR has been shipped!!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy...

*dancing around in pj's*

Come on Mr. Mailman bring her home to me!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Almost Fainted Into The Arms Of The Mailman

(No the mailman wasn't a chic.)

But after yesterday's purchase of my new fangle dangle digital SLR when I received a knock at the door by a guy delivering some packages I thought that it was it!!!

And no sooner had he arrived did he hand over the package and leave!?

I guess running out half-naked in my pj's, jumping up and down with eyes wide-opened helped speed proceedings up!

But after leaving me with a small package, I thought that maybe the rest of it was in the van.

It wasn't until he quickly jumped into his van and skidded off down the road that I realised that it wasn't likely my dSLR.

It wasn't until I opened up the package, that it hit me...

Aaah, it was my underwater camera protector thingie for my old camera.

Remember the trip to Coral Bay this Easter?

Well I thought to myself: how cool would it be if I could buy something like a disposal underwater camera to take some photos of when we're up there (as last time I was there the scenery under the water was amazing!)

And then I saw an ad for a cheap plastic underwater cover that can be used on my old Canon point and shoot camera.

And now I had it in my hot little hand! I'd forgotten all about him with the excitement of the new dSLR on its way.

Did I mention that?? LOL

I'll have to take it down the beach this week and see how it goes! I hope it can take a battering with all the waves we catch!!

But how cool would that be, taking digital photos of bodysurfing some waves!

I can't wait until the weekend now!!!!

(I don't think I'm going to get much sleep at all over the next couple of days! HAHA)

Canon 40D

I'm as giddy as a school boy at the moment... I can barely sleep!

I purchased a digital SLR camera yesterday!!!

Oooooo, I can't wait to get it in the mail and to get my grubby little mits all over it and begin taking some awesome photos while summer is still here.

3 to 5 business days they said.




(Watching YouTube videos of other 40D users is somewhat quenching my insatiate desire... but I'm going to explode any minute...)

A Difference In Focus

One of the biggest hurdles I have with dating someone 10 years younger than myself is their focus.

To me, and I hope I can get the backing of women who are older than 24-25 in here, a woman's focus in life isn't as concrete as it is once she reaches that 25 age limit.

Sure, everybody wants to get married with the perfect partner and live happily ever after, but for those women who are older than 25 answer me this: were you ever STRONGLY considering getting married when you were 20? 21? 22?? Did you really want to start a home, raise a family??

I know from my perspective the biggest driving factor in my life during those years was trying to have as much fun as possible - sure, girls were something that I paid a lot of attention to during those years, and I dated some who appealed to the eyes, but I must admit that I never strongly contemplated settling down and getting married at that age.

And I don't think women would be any different at that age group. It's not that it's wrong, it's not a bad thing, we ALL should experience much of life when we're young, because I know now that at my age the body doesn't bounce back as quick as it once used to... and I think as the decades pass it will get harder and harder to bounce back!

Hence the reason why I think when we age our focus changes... especially if we're single as we age. For those that have married, their focus changes too. They may start contemplating kids if they haven't already done so, or maybe a house, but for those of us that are single our focus changes in that we place more emphasis on finding that special someone rather than whatever else may be taking our primary focus - whether that be entertainment, career/prestige, or money.

Time begins to mean a little more to us, especially if friends and our siblings around us are all getting married. Due to time being somewhat against us we apply more filters on our ideal partner profile, by doing so we don't waste the precious commodity of time on people we'd never seriously consider marrying.

Due to this shorter constraint and stringent filters our courtship tends to be shorter (anywhere from 1 year to 2 years) and we'd be more readily accept marriage because of it.

On the flip side though, a 20-year old's priorities is getting through university and possibly starting a career. Their courtship period may be anything from 2 years to 5 years before they'd seriously contemplate marriage, and even then marriage wouldn't really be something seriously considered until after they've settled down in a job... and they definitely wouldn't consider having kids during those years!!

So being someone who is 30 and who's passed through their 20s, I wouldn't want to take away the fun that's to be had when someone is 20. Life can sure be exciting during those years, friends will come and go, valuable learning experiences await at every corner and the world truly is your oyster.

I will concede that there are some *very* mature 20 year olds around, and I will also concede that if Kate Beckinsale were 20 years old I'd probably throw out all the rules and marry her, but I think I'll have better luck finding women who have similar focii (focusesesses??) to me that are older than 24-25 than those younger than 25.

Hence the age filter.

For those that are younger they'd have to do much work on me.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

It Was Brief

I met Taryn today.

And I don't know what the guys were talking about with her being around 24-25!?

I was a little disappointed with myself though as I didn't really make an effort to go over and talk to her after the church service. See the moment where we did meet was during the usual "meet-and-greet" section of the service where you pretty much shake hands with as many as you can in one minute.

So I made an effort to seek, locate and... greet.

Thankfully I didn't put my foot in it as we shook hands.

But yes at the end of the service Dan teased us by nodding in her direction and pointing his eyes towards her, but when I saw her talking to someone else I let is slip through.

What a wimp.

Although I did hear through the conversation she was having that she's starting her second year at uni this year... adding further weight to the fact that I think she's only 20, at most 21.

But I'm not going to worry about age, right? Right?

Next week though she's going to get a talking to.


(At least contact has been made.)

More Fun In The Sun

Okay, rather than rub it in by telling you all how much fun I had this weekend at the beach I thought I'd do the gentlemanly thing and just take photos (aren't pictures worth a thousand words??).

Unfortunately though I soon discovered that the camera of the iPhone really isn't all that great. I'm hoping by the end of this week to invest in a Canon digital SLR, so maybe if next weekend ends up being just as good as this weekend I'll take my new camera down and take some better photos.

BTW - these photos were taken after the seabreeze wafted in (I didn't want to waste any precious time when the easterly was blowing), and when the seabreeze wafts in the waves aren't as good and everyone pretty much leaves (waves get too choppy).

Anyway... hopefully you all don't melt... ;op

(Okay, so I got a little sunburnt today because I was enjoying myself a little too much, but we're not going to talk about that, k.)