Monday, January 21, 2008


Ryan's Updates on Life & Everything

Well it certainly has been ages since I've posted something in here (almost a month!), and unfortunately time is against me to post something of real substance yet again, but I'll try and give you a taste of what life has been like during the summer month of January so far...

1. I've been offered a place to attend university this year to study the Graduate Diploma of Education, which in essence means I can become a teacher if I successfully graduate! As I already have a commerce degree I only need to put up with university for one year, and I'm hoping I'll have enough funds to get me through the 12 weeks of full-time prac that this course requires... hence the reason for being away... which brings me to #2...

2. I've been working my ass off trying to get as much moola as possible before university starts (which is about 5 weeks away)... which has been fun... and has also helped me enjoy summer just that little bit more, because after work (and thanks to daylight saving where it doesn't get dark until 9:30pm), I've been able to...

3. Enjoy the beach!! On the weekend I went body surfing down at Secret Harbour with the boys. During last week we went to Ocean Reef and Mullaloo beach did some more surfing and vortex ball throwing... unfortunately I lost the vortex ball on Saturday, but that's because I have a big arm! (Truth be told I threw is aside while I caught a wave and by the time I got back out it had been taken out to sea by the wind!)

4. Planning a trip up north to Coral Bay for Easter this year (which is really early this year, as it's in March!). Coral Bay is an amazing place. I've only been there once my entire life and I've detailed one cuh little incident that happened there.

5. Planning also another missions trip around October/November to Vanuatu. The same group I went to Singapore late last year with are planning a trip to Zambia in July... I'd love to go, but unfortunately it's quite expensive to get there, and from what I've been told happens during the middle of my 12 week prac. But this Vanuatu trip looks like it'll suit me better time wise and money wise.

5. Lastly, it seems everyone in Australia has a birthday in January and February!? I have two 25th birthdays to attend this weekend, a fancy dress the weekend after (anybody got an kooky ideas for dressing up as something that goes along the theme of "The Ocean"??), and then a 31st the weekend after that!

Hence why I need to get back to work and earn some more cash.

I hope all is well with everyone else and that you're not freezing your little asses off.

Stay near the heater... or come to Perth! LOL

PS - oh, and happy new year to all of you too! I hope 2008 ends up being as jam-packed as mine will no doubt be!!! *faints*

I Had To Laugh...

Sorry Jen, but I had a good laugh this morning.

See, after receiving a polite poke from Jen this morning (see comments in previous post), I received an email from my brother probably no more than 2 minutes later that was titled...

Fairy Tale

And it went like this...

Fairy Tale:

One day, long, long ago, there was this woman who surprisingly, did not whine, nag or bitch...

But this was a long time ago...

And it was just ONE day.

The End

While the joke was funny and made me laugh uncontrollably for several minutes, I couldn't help but also laugh at Jen's timing.

Thanks Jen, you made my day!