Friday, December 28, 2007

Sightseeing In Singas

After the camp we had a few days to ourselves before flying back home.

Some of the things we did, besides shopping, were: going on the night safari tour (a must - shame you can't use flash photography... rendering any photo useless), Jurong Bird Park (another must - and you must go to the huge aviary and pay S$2 for the nectar), Recycled Water Plant (aah, wouldn't recommend it, unless you're into drinking "cleaned" toilet water), Changi chapel and prison museum (sad), and... did I mention shopping?

Here are some photos...

Mark not too impressed with discovering what he's really been drinking all this week (ignorance truly is bliss)...

Mark getting a nipple cripple for insufficiently meeting the needs of colourful birdie #2...

Some poor kid getting hammered for not sharing the nectar luvin' around adequately...

"Who you looking at?"

Dan and I at Jurong Bird Park trying to figure out just what type of birds these creatures are??!!??

World's largest man-made waterfall (I wasn't prepared to jump off it to find out)...

Dorm 21

My boys...

You guys rock.


Well I hope you all had a nice Christmas (oops, sorry... "happy holiday") and with 2008 fast approaching I hope 2007's new year's resolutions were met!

Looks like mine will need to be rolled over again. ;o)

Anyhoo, a week prior to Christmas this year I was invited on a missions trip by my church to Singapore where I met up with other people from similar independent baptist churches around Australia.

Initially I was a little anxious about the ordeal as I had never been on a missions trip before, but upon arriving in Singapore I was ready to go.

Our primary task on our trip was to help out at a youth camp. Surprisingly when we arrived at the Metro-YMCA lodge we found that the surrounding area was... umm... Singapore's red-light district (and we wondered why on so many taxi trips why the taxi drivers kept making sex jokes??).

Unfortunately the surrounding area wasn't the only thing that was dirty. We soon discovered that the showers and toilet area of the campsite were mould-ridden! Everybody was encouraged to wear thongs/sandals in the shower (and have a guess who forgot to pack their sandals?? *sigh*).

But apart from all those things the camp was awesome. The Singaporean kids were a ball of fun.

Heck, I was probably the biggest kid on camp!

The fellowship, the preaching, the great questions the kids asked about the bible, the fun, the games, and (dare I say it)... even the camp food was awesome!!

If I were given the chance to do it again I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Apparently next year's trip will be either in Zambia, or Vanuatu, with subsequent years being back in Singapore, or to other areas such as PNG and Canada!

Can't wait.