Saturday, November 03, 2007

World Wind Tour Photos

Here are some of my favourite photos (out of the 15,678,309 photos taken between Dan and I) of the world-wind tour (captions/commentary below) - and BTW these are in no particular order...

-> Out of all the cities that I visited I'd have to say that I enjoyed Hong Kong the most. Even though it was one of the more busiest cities things were cheap, colourful, and I guess the company was great too. The photo above was taken at Kowloon's Avenue of the Stars which provides an excellent opportunity to take photos of Hong Kong's panoramic city.

-> Here's another view of the city skyline (dude, it's one huge city).

-> The Avenue of the Stars isn't as spectacular during the day as it as at night, but the company I travelled with are here: Melissa (Dan's wife), Gav, Dan, and Steve. It was good having Steve along as he had travelled to Hong Kong many times before and we were easily able to get to places without too much local help.

-> In Hong Kong we went to Disneyland which wasn't bad except for the rain... and dude when it rains in Hong Kong IT RAINS! If you look closely you can see that Gav and Dan are fairly drenched already... and in this pic we're about to enter the 4D theatre which made us even more wetter! (You'd have to experience a 4D cinema to understand)

-> Here we're at Bath going through the old Roman baths museum with Dan's first lot of relatives that we stayed with (Tom, Paul, William & Dan in this photo). The museum was quite interesting and the water was still warm and bubbling!

-> They also gave us these phone things to go around with to better understand the history of these old Roman baths, and we soon discovered that everywhere we went people were selling info-phones. As they waste so much time we eventually passed when we entered other museums - I'd only recommend buying one if you're really interested in the museum you're at, and/or, you've got plenty of time to spare.

-> Upon leaving the old Roman baths I couldn't help but write in the visitors book, "Water tasted great!" (and can you tell that I hadn't shaved in a couple of days?)

-> Disneyland... with the weight of the world on my shoulders.

-> On our way to March we decided to pop in to Bladdon and see Winston Churchill's grave. I have to admit it was difficult to find, and there were no signs - it was just tucked away behind this small little church.

-> After Roman baths we were invited to a family get together at a Greek restaurant. I just kept to myself whilst everyone caught up and kept shovelling Greek souvlaki in my mouth (it was one HUGE plate and it took me all night to negotiate it).

-> The London Eye. Dan and I went on it and I'm glad it was a clear night, considering how miserable the weather had been during the first couple of weeks driving around London. Although we never went on the London Eye during the day, I have to say that it was pretty good at night... very romantic.

-> Like I mentioned above the view at night of London was pretty spectacular.

-> If there was one thing we had to try in New York and that was to eat a New York pizza. Dude, these were friggin huge! I could normally finish off a whole pizza back home, but could barely get through two slices here. I can't believe people can eat an entire NY pizza pie!!

-> Samson the wonder-mut. The people we stayed with in March had this gorgeous little fat staffie called Samson. He didn't do much except chew on his toy, but he always enjoyed a scratch or two... or twenty.

-> Cardiff castle in Wales. As this was our second day in England we thought that we were going to have this awesome weather throughout the remainder of our stay. Unfortunately this was the last day we ever saw sun for about two weeks! I enjoyed Wales too. I like how they have signs with their own language on it, like instead of Cardiff the sign would say Caerffidd - apparently when you see double d's they're pronounced f.

-> The Concorde. It would've been fantastic if we had rode in one of these on our way to London (or NY)! Leather seats for every passenger, and travelling at MACH 2 speeds! But then again at 8800 quid for a few of hours on a seat, would it be worth it? O_O!

-> We hadn't realised how cold it was going to be in Paris. In fact, the taxi driver warned us on our way to the Euro-star terminal, but we thought we'd be okay. NOT SO! Especially being on the top deck of a bus! (I think someone mentioned that it was 8 degrees [~45 degrees F])

-> On the Euro-star... that smile doesn't last too much longer once we arrive in Paris!

-> The Louvre. Dude this museum was MASSIVE (probably the biggest we had ever seen)! And although we rushed through it, I still think we missed half of it. You could easily spend a few days in there. (And what's with the fascination of naked bodies in Paris - I swear every second statue is starkers!?)

-> Ah, de Eiffel. I have to admit, this thing doesn't look too big until you go to the very top. My sister warned me about going to the top - it takes quite awhile to get there, and then quite awhile to get back down.

-> I'm glad that we did get a chance to go to the top. We were cutting it fine though, as we had to catch the Paris subway back to the Euro-star... and if there was one thing we were in for a shock for and that was Paris' subway - had never been so crammed before in my entire life - heck, Hong Kong was packed, but in Paris my eyeballs were about to pop!

-> On our last day in London, Dan and I decided to go to Greenwich, which we both enjoyed. Here though we have the London Bridge.

-> The Meridian Line at Greenwich. Greenwich had a great view of London city, and standing on the Meridian line was fun. Who would've thought that an imaginary line would draw such a crowd?

-> Near Times Square. A place full of nothing but ads.

-> Top of Rockefeller Plaza. I think Rockefeller Plaza is waaay better than the Empire State Building. Not only do you have clear glass dividing walls, but you've also get a second story where you can take photos without any dividers in the way.

-> HMS Victory at Portmouth. I can't believe men used to travel on these things. It was quite claustrophobic in certain parts for a 6'3" bloke!

-> Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower. The only place that really does seem to take your breath away when you look down!

-> Trafalgar Square London.

-> Seven Oaks Park with Astria and Dan... and Bambi.

-> And I was getting no love from Bambi's older brother. He wouldn't come close to me at all... and yet he was the one with the antlers!

-> Stonehenge. Maybe they're just primitive pencil sharpeners?

-> Tangmere. The latest top gun recruit... after going Mach 2.

-> Dana and I in Times Square... with a bomb attached to my back!! That definitely made for some lively entertainment! And thanks Dana for allowing me to drive in your car - it was really weird driving stick on the other side (i.e. with my right hand instead of my left).

-> Museum of Natural History in London. Okay, don't get crabby but I'm off to enjoy the sunshine.

(There's a heap more photos, and maybe I'll upload a few more later.)

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danish said...

Wow!!! Your pictures came out awesome!!! Absolutely amazing, man. It's ridiculous that you got to see and do so much in so short of a timespan.

And let it be known that uh... you can drive my car better than I can, which is kinda sad, when you think about it.

Also, you carried my insanely heavy bag without any complaints or visible issues, so you officially rock. :D lol