Thursday, November 15, 2007


No I don't have tuberculosis, but after the world wind tour I must admit I definitely want to travel again.

One question many have asked upon hearing my adventures is: where next?

And I have to admit, the first thing that Dan and I agreed upon as a next destination on our flight home was either Canada or New Zealand.

Both of us, almost in unison said that we had to try skiing.

I have never even seen snow, except on TV. Heck I haven't even seen pretend snow unless you count that white lump at the back of your freezer as "sorta snow"?!

But yeah I think my next trip will either be Cunada or New Zealand.

Interestingly Dan noted that Oasis (the budget airline that flew us from HK to London) apparently does HK to Vancouver! Hmm that's tempting considering I loved HK - I'd definitely spend a few more days in HK.

I just don't know how I'd handle the cold though. I think I'll be screaming like a little girl - I'm such a wimp even when it gets below 10C here - and I've even be blessed with hair everywhere!! LOL

So if I'm loaded in a year's time I'll probably go to Canada see the Rocky Mountains, ski some where, scream like a girl everywhere, and then climatise back to the heat when in HK, or otherwise take a swim over to New Zealand, ski some where, and scream like a girl everywhere (or is that called the haka over there?) LOL

(Since being back I've heard of two friends who've returned from Canada recently. One went on the popular train trip between the Canada-US border and did the Rockies and spent a bucketload of money, but said he had the best time ever. And another did it on the cheap (in comparison to friend #1 and also did the States, he didn't like the States but fell in love with Canada. Although they did warn about the cold... especially the wind which apparently can kill you if you don't wear the right protective clothing! Huh? Wind that can kill you?? In amongst the frickin huge man eating bears and wolves??)



Likalia said...

Ah yes, Canada, many have died from our winds and cold, or you know just drown from all the rain. :) Still totally beautiful and totally worth seeing!

danish said...

The cold can be fun, definitely~ I've tried skiing before and failed each time. Maybe now that I'm not twelve I could try to pull it off, but I'm not sure. Maybe you stand a better chance at it? And even if you don't do anything, just seeing all the mountains and scenery in the winter is amazing in itself.

But wait... being that you haven't experienced skiing and the like, does that mean you haven't been ice skating either?? *gasp* How tragic...

Jen said...

Dont listen to them Ryan...come to the states. Florida is very nice this time of year : )

Belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year