Thursday, November 15, 2007

Beach Beach Beach

It feels like aeons have passed since my last post! I guess that happens when you're lazing down at the beach.

But seriously the beaches have been awesome. I've been even getting up early prior to going to work to enjoy it!

I suppose there's a sweet sorrow to it as I'll be moving in a few weeks back down south of the river, and while we do have some nice beaches south they're not as fun as the ones at Ocean Reef and Mullaloo.

Apart from moving I have guests from England to entertain this weekend (Dan's cousins that we met in Bristol).

We're either going to take them to Rottnest Island or Margaret River. I must admit taking tourists around Perth is a little different to how tourists are taken around in London, NY & Paris... because there isn't much exquisite here unless you enjoy seeing natural things - coral reefs, beautiful beaches, rainforests (etc).

But besides the perfect weather and awesome waves I suppose this beach frenzy I've been on was bought about because of the miserable weather we encountered in the UK! I almost cried the first day I hit the beach after my world wind tour!

I refrained myself from hugging the warm sand and sobbing "I'll never leave you ever again. I missed you soooo much" as the lifeguards may have prevented me from going into the water.

More beach action tomorrow morning.

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danish said...

*mutters* jealous... :P I'll go back to freezing now~