Monday, October 15, 2007

I's Back

I'm still running on London time here, so if this post comes across as a little incoherent then forgive me - I'm currently in slow-mo mode (well that's what it feels like anyway).

Well after 5 countries, 50-something hours of flying time, and 12,789 cups of tea I've finally made it back in one piece.

I'd like to make a special thank you to Dan's relatives that put up with us during the first couple of weeks in England... we hardly lifted a finger, or spent a pence (cent?).

Some of the memorable moments of the trip were (in no particular order too, because dude I'm struggling to even think):
> Disneyland in Hong Kong (dude when it rains in Honkers, it rains!)
> Shopping in Honkers (dude it's cheap... and this was what won this city over the rest)
> Driving 90mph on the motorways in England (dude we can't even do over 60mph here... well, we can, you just get slapped with huge fines and demerit points)
> Stonehenge (it's just a clothes line for giants I swear)
> The 2,789 cathedrals we saw in England (I really enjoyed Salisbury and Ely cathedrals)
> The London Eye at night (didn't think I'd be able to see much, but the Poms have electricity... fancy that!)
> Ian's cooking in March (dude that was the best meal of the entire trip - and I loved their fat little staffie who's name eludes me in my let jagged state) ;o)
> Greenwich - standing on the Meridian
> Paris - I loved Paris, and I can see why my sister loved it... shame it was frickin freezing (Dan and I only wore a t-shirt and jeans - typical Aussies).
> The Louvre (dude it's friggin HUGE... I think we only pinched it from the stuff we saw).
> The Eiffel Tower at sunset (very romantic... Dan and I held hands). ROFL
> Times Square in New York (who needs sunlight with beaming ads like that?)
> Catching up with the Amazing Dana in NY (dude, she gives the best hugs EVER)
> Getting lost in New York with Dana (it was fun, but at one stage I thought we were going to hit Toledo)
> Rockefeller Plaza (preferred it over the Empire State Building)
> The NY Subway (dude I have never been so lost, so shocked, so confused, and so squished in all my life - no wait, Paris' subway was waaay squishier, scrub the squishy)
> British Museums (okay so I'm a bit of a geek, but those things were friggin huge too)
> The Avenue of the Stars in Honkers (dude, best skyline view at night by far)
> Dan nearly getting arrested (funny story)
> Backpackers in Piccadilly (dude worst experience of the holiday - I'll never stay at a backpackers again)
> Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth (never been so scared walking on glass)

I'm sure there's heaps more, but I'm struggling to remember my name (kanojo kare, D?).

Anyway, here's a pic for the reason behind the last point mentioned above...


When you're 100 meters above the ground with only a thin piece of glass separating you from the floor below the only thought running through your head are: how fat am I again? And okay I was also thinking - please don't do a nervous fart, that would definitely crack the glass! ROFL

More later when I've caught more z's and am thinking a little more normally.


Likalia said...

Welcome back! Looks like you will have a tonne of entertaining stories, can't wait. :)

danish said...

Wow, man. Look at this list! It's insane!

...I'm glad you had fun and you didn't have anything crazy bad happen to you~~ though I wonder if getting lost in Jersey counts?? lol

I seriously can't believe you did all that in such a short time. What a great experience~~ :D

Oh and welcome back. ;)

danish said...

Also, good job on remembering your name and awesome picture!

'kay I'm done now~ lol