Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Being Let Jagged Isn't Fun

Okay this isn't fun.

I'm wide awake and it's only 4 in the morning.


Maybe if I tell a story it might help me get to sleep again.

The first set of relatives we saw were a family living just outside of Bristol. As we drove down the motorways faster than a speeding bullet we suddenly realised that each of us stunk. See prior to the flight over from Hong Kong we walked around the main shopping area on North Road. It wasn't until it was getting late that we thought it best to make our way back to the hotel to then head off to the airport.

Unfortunately one thing we didn't know is that after a certain time North Road gets closed to traffic! We tried searching for a taxi, and after trying all the alleyways and sideroads we couldn't find a cab. So what did we do?

We walked back to our hotel. This had both a negative and positive effect on our long haul flight to London later that night: the walk would help us sleep on the flight, yet due to the humidity our clothes reeked of body odour. :op

Thankfully I had an aisle seat for the trip and Dan was on the other side.

But yes when we arrived into Gatwick at 7 in the morning at 7 degrees wearing only shorts and t-shirt the freezing cold air kept us awake. It wasn't until we got our little Fiat hatchback hire car and put the heaters on that we could smell each other.

"Dude we can't go to my reli's like this."

I had to agree. We were unshaven, smelly and messy.

We decided to find a place along the way where we could stop and get changed. Unfortunately there aren't too many places on the motorways where one can do such activity. In the end we found a service station several clicks away from their house where we changed.

And were we a sight to behold! Any person passing would've thought Manpower were in town and were practising some of their new moves with a bowser!

In fact two motor mechanics came out of their workshop to see what was going on. They didn't seem impressed supposing that we were either gay or Dutch.

I tried to smile and wave at them, but when your jeans are around your ankles and you're frantically trying your level best to dress as quick as possible you can only but nod your head and hope they understand...which is what I tried but banged my head on the door in the process.

So that wasn't particularly fun at all, however, we looked much better and smelt much better too.

And have a guess what we asked for when Dan' relatives asked us if there was anything they could do for us?


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danish said...

lol this is great! yeah, traveling abroad can kind of do that to you.. even just sitting on a plane for a million hours doing nothing makes me feel dirty. -_-; *shudder*