Thursday, September 20, 2007

Time Stands Still

During the weekend I dusted off my old luggage bags and came across a small package that I hadn't seen in quite awhile.

As I dusted off the top of the small black case, "Pierre Cardin" written on white on top, I slowly opened it up unsure on what to expect - even though I knew the contents wouldn't have changed.

And sure enough the stylish watch my folks bought in my 21st year was still there... and still lifeless.

As I picked it up out of its case, still wrapped around its soft cushion, I reflected back on its memorable moments.

See, a couple of years had passed since it was given as a gift and when I began dating Ella she came across it one day and wondered why I hadn't worn it out yet.

"Oh, I've just forgotten to buy new batteries for it," I remarked.

Knowing me a little too well she knew the likely chances of me purchasing a battery for it in the near future were slim.

"I'll go and get a battery for you, because you'll want to wear it to the ball," she said placing it in her bag.

I insisted that I would get a battery for it, but she was adamant with her decision - she wanted to bring life back into this little machine's lifeless body.

So, come ball night (6 weeks after our initial date) she handed me back my Pierre Cardin watch complete with beating heart again - it was alive.

From that point forward I wore the watch whenever we went out, and surprisingly the battery lasted ages! I don't know what she did to it, but the thing had a heart of energy that lasted for nearly 5 years!!

Until the day we went our separate ways.

Now I only wore this watch on special occasions, so I don't know if it exactly failed on the day we broke up (I'd like to think that it did), but a couple of months after our break up I had an outing to attend and I decided to wear the beloved watch - only to notice upon opening the case that it had died.

As the clock face had analog dials for displaying day and month I noticed that it's last tock was about 6 weeks after our break! (Unfortunately it never kept correct dates though... so that's why I couldn't be 100% certain that the date it did stop was the *actual* date.)

I wondered at this for a short moment, placed it back on the shelf and since then Pierre Cardin has been lifeless for over 3 years now.

Maybe he'll be back, maybe another woman will give him a new heart and restore his lifeless body again... maybe.

But back to packing...


danish said...

Awww... this is sad. :(

I feel bad for the watch. I know that sounds odd, but I do.

I hope it gets new batteries someday and ticks again for you =)

Ryan said...

Yeah I might just get some new batteries put in it... then I can prove to all womankind that I can indeed put batteries in my own watch!