Saturday, September 22, 2007

Packing Considerations

If there's one thing I've had to ponder during my packing it's what is acceptable to take with on the onboard luggage.

Having flown around Australia I've had some of the most bizarre stuff confiscated from me, apparently due to it being deemed "a weapon"... probably the most neurotic (I thought) was a pair of nail clippers!?

Nail clippers??

How in the heck are terrorists meant to overthrow the plane with a pair of nail clippers?

Terrorist: Nobody move, otherwise the stewardess gets her fingernails cut!

I couldn't help but gasp and then laugh at the images running through my head as the stern lady told me I couldn't take it onboard (laughing didn't help proceedings either).

So I wonder if other countries are stricter?

Would it be okay to take toothpaste? Or could this be boiled, wrapped in ailfoil, inserted into a rolled up inflight entertainment magazine and used as a weapon too? Or how about an innocent pen? Oh no, this could cause mass destruction on a plane! You could fill it with the inflight chicken parmigiana, wave two blonde hairs together while reflecting the sunlight onto the pen, then dip it in Coca-Cola, and stomp on it and you've now just created a nuclear device that would even make MacGyver jealous.

So it's all for our satefy see.

Well so long as I'm able to board with the clothes on my back I shouldn't complain, right?

(PS - this reminds me of the Chaser guys who also thought that airport security was a little too tight and decided to board a flight wearing nothing but their underwear on and a big clear plastic bag over their bodies... it was hilarious... and yet they were stilled refused entry!?!?)

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