Sunday, September 23, 2007


Well just a quick post to let everybody know that I've packed and am ready to fly. I've been flapping my arms all week and have even applied special aerodynamic feathers to help make my flights run all the more smoother!

Just in case anybody is still wondering about the 9 truths and 1 lie post the lie was...

#2 - I have never had my hair set on fire at any time in my life (but if I go bald I might have to - because then I'll have a legitimate reason for it!).

Whereas #7 happened when we used to play hide and seek on the high school's roof when we were young. A group of us would climb on top of this high school's two storey building and would play chasey on it!! I'm surprised nothing bad happened considering how high up we were and I think tis concern was felt by some of the neighbours so they called the school's security to come sort us out.

Thankfully we never got caught, but there were a few instances where it got pretty close! Eventually the school placed some steel mesh in the areas preventing us from any further fun on the roof.

Anyhoo, let the adventures begin! Woohoo!!


Fiona said...

Good luck and enjoy yourself, Ryan.

LOL @ the lie. I picked the wrong one. D'oh!

Likalia said...

Hope you have a great trip - can't wait for the stories you'll have when you get back.

Victoria said...

: )

danish said...

Hope you had a good time and continue on safely in your travels...

...and thanks for everything! :D

And you and your lies! You're too good, dude! x_x lol