Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Good Ol' Gut


Okay, now I get it.

Since visiting facebook several weeks ago a certain someone has been emailing me back and forth throughout the past few weeks (I think I mentioned something before in a prior post about not mentioning her name, so if you've been following you'll know who).

Anyhoo, *that* awkward situation we had several months ago reared its ugly head again with our correspondence and when it did I decided to let it all out and I explained what I said with what I said on *that* night (heck everybody else knew the reasons by my actions by now, so I guess she was the only one left!).

After sending that message off I didn't hear back from her for about a week or so. When she did reply she mentioned that she was hurt by what I had said and was prepared to leave it in the past and move on as friends - if that's what I wanted.

I replied to something of the effect of "this was all I ever wanted" (obviously smooching a "friend" is considered okay for this woman, and if you're a woman and smooching is okay for you please be careful - some blokes out there, myself included, kinda prefer to reserve smooching to the woman they're in love with).

Thinking that things were now finally settled she sent us another message asking for us to come down and watch her play in her team's basketball grand final on the weekend.

Initially I waved it away by wishing her luck, but she insisted that I come down and watch. A little reluctant I told her that if I were in the area I'd pop in for a quick look, but made no guarantees.

Strangely enough I ended up being in the area around her game and thought what the heck... and boy was I glad I went! Besides catching up with old friends at the stadium, I saw her play and was surprised at how she spat the dummy when things didn't go her way - it was an excellent insight!

Now I know when I play a sport that I'm not fully adept at I try and either:
a) do the best I can with what I know (if I'm required to be serious for the benefit of the team), or
b) have fun and joke around.

I unfortunately had to stop myself from laughing numerous times whenever this woman was called for a foul by the referee. Besides profusely denying that it was her that was at fault she put that same face on that I saw on that night where I let rip - it's the I-can't-believe-someone-dented-my-ego look.

It was great.

And then when she was fouled out towards the end of the game, do you think she left gracefully... oh no, she let fly and went off in a tempest.

It was great.

After the game I strolled over and congratulated them on a good fight (albeit a loss) and when she saw us we exchanged greetings before I then went and spoke to their coach. As I began talking to their coach I noticed off to the side that a male friend (?) had similarly wandered over and began consoling her, but consolation soon turned to being all over each other! I really wasn't paying attention, so I don't know if they were smooching, but from the corner of my eye I could tell they were doing things that seemed, to my innocent mind, a little puppy lovish!

It was during my conversation with their coach that the reason for why she wanted me here twigged - she was with someone, or, she was showing off that somebody was really into her! And I couldn't help but feel that it was somewhat rubbed in... I mean, when I had finished talking to the coach she came over and began talking to us without ever introducing the guy who was by her side (and he even joined in on our conversation)... maybe in her mind they were just "friends" (although in his eyes I couldn't help but feel as though he thought there was something more)!?!

Anyhoo, after staying behind once everyone had left I watched another basketball game. As I sat there I began to thank God and my gut about this woman. I'll admit that there was a moment there where I began to doubt myself about the whole situation - maybe I was reading things too much, maybe I was totally wrong about this woman (etc etc), but after yesterday I was so glad to see that my gut still worked (I exercise it three times a day too!! LOL).


Jen said...

Wow Ryan..usually this is the point where I would probably make some sort of cheeky comment..meant to try and make you smile.

But I have to say...I sort of respect and admire you a bit right now. I also have to say you are a nice suprise : )

Likalia said...

Wow, way to escape the crazy.

Keep feeding that gut. :)

Ryan said...

Thanks ladies!

I have to also thank the crazy women I've dated in the past too... without those experiences I wouldn't have had the innate tenth sense I have now for detecting them early.