Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

I thought I'd continue on with the same challenge Dana and Victoria done on their blogs.

All you have to do is pick the odd one out (hint: one is a complete fib, the rest are true):

1. Sent somebody to hospital after causing a cut near their left eye
2. Had my hair on fire after playing with firecrackers
3. Was stabbed in the back with a real knife
4. Made over a million playing the stock market during the tech boom
5. Stole a bicycle and then had it stolen from me on the same day
6. Swam in the ocean amongst sharks whilst bleeding from the head
7. Hid from high school security on the school's roof
8. Charged a police officer with theft
9. Caused a 12 year old girl to nearly drown whilst canoeing
10. Wore a tight bikini for a play

So, if you're up for it pick one or two of the above 10 and see if you can pick the lie.

PS - finding 9 truths about myself that seem a little far-fetched was actually harder than I thought! If you undertake this task be sure to let me know.


danish said...

Oh man.

This is quite difficult, but fun! :D

Okay, I think I'm going with 4. I think. And only because I don't think you own a ferrari or some other crazy car. But maybe you already lost the money? Or are really thrifty? Donated it all to charity? Doh. I'm still going with 4, though.

Or 6. But no, maybe not, because I could see you somehow doing that too, lol.

Okay so before I convince myself otherwise, my final answers are 4 and 6, leaning more toward 4. But I am thoroughly interested to hear all the stories behind the truths! O_O;

(And 2 sounds hysterical, by the way. Truth or not, I could totally see you doing that, lol ;)

Ryan said...

Hey Dana!

No it's not number 4 - I actually made a million, but then proceeded to lose it all in the crash! Very heart breaking!

And no it wasn't number 6 - that was the incident at Coral Bay where my brother threw a snorkel at my head and I kept swimming with the fishes... the area has a few Port Jackson sharks, but PJs are relatively harmless to humans... even if humans are bleeding from the head!

Care to guess again?

Fiona said...

I say 3 and or 8.

3. You would've said something.
8. I don't think you're a lawyer. LOL


Ryan said...

Hi Fiona!

Both 3 & 8 did happen.

I was stabbed in the back by a doctor - I had this big freckle on my back removed! ;-p

And I did charge a police officer with theft when he stole my licence plates... that's a loooooong story (and what made it worse was that I was with my woman at the time!). After giving a statement and having the matter investigated by the chief of police the charges were dropped... but at least I got my plates back. ;o)

Only 6 left - 1, 2, 5, 7, 9, 10.

Can I win... can I win...??

danish said...

Wow Ryan. That's all quite crazy! Just... wow. That's a lot to take in, and I like the explanations, too. Very funny.

Buuuuut I'm afraid I must re-guess. I'm going with 10 this time, because while I *could* see something wacky like that happening, I also couldn't.


Likalia said...

I'd like them all to be true, because you just have such entertaining answers. :)

If I had to guess though?

1, of course the funny story is probably that it is a lie but only because it was really their right eye.

An interesting set of answers for sure though, I don't think I could come up with 9 things.

Ryan said...

G'day D and Likalia... yeah the real stories behind each can be quite entertaining, huh? ;o)

D, no it's not 10... I did this at a *church* camp where we had to create our own play and then film it. For some strange reason the plot in our play required a skanky ho and everyone thought I'd be able to play that role reallly well - and they had me wear some poor petite girl's bikini. I tried to object by letting them know that, umm, I've got hair everywhere, but they insisted that I do it for the benefit of the "team". Anyhoo, let's just say that, ummm... it turned people off bikinis for awhile, which was a shame because it was summer camp too!

Likalia, no it wasn't 1... when I was young I pushed my sister (or was it "she accidentally tripped"??), anyhoo when she fell her face collected the only solid object in the room - a lounge room chair's arm. Amidst her screaming and crying when she got up the left-side of her face had blood everywhere... my parent's freaked out (and so did I!) and everyone thought that I had blinded her. My buttocks were then given a good tanning and my parents raced my sister down to the hospital where thankfully she only required a few stitches below her brow (just above the eyelid).

I'm getting excited... only 4 left - 2, 5, 7, 9.

(Hmm, I'm beginning to thinks that maybe everyone knows which one is the lie, but they want to know the stories behind the rest!)

danish said...

Daaaaah this is so hard! Eeeek! I'm a bad guesser, but I shall keep trying! Someone's gotta get it eventually, right? lol

So my guess for now is 9, dude, and I'm stickin' with it!

But if it's 5 I'm going to be sad, 'cause I'm kinda thinking that too.